Haus Rules

Specialty Stacking
Any single specialty may be purchased up to 3 times as per Mirrors p. 19.

Veteran Merit
The Merit: Veteran is available for purchase as per Mirrors p. 20.

No Fighting Styles
In order to use fighting style maneuvers, one must only have the maneuvers’s rating in the relevant skill, and a specialty in the style, as per Armory Reloaded p. 156.

Damage caused in excess of a person’s stamina forces a stam+res roll to avoid losing the target’s next action and defense for a turn, similar to the Stun Hack in Armory Reloaded p. 157.

Supernatural Terror
Overt supernatural occurances force a res+comp to avoid fleeing in terror and rationalizing away the scene as per Armory Reloaded p. 158

Watch My Back
For each ally fighting in arm’s reach, you ignore 1 point of defense reduction due to multple attackers as per Armory Reloaded p. 160

Group Courage
A cell of Hunters may make their Supernatural Terror roll a teamwork action as per Armory Reloaded p. 168.

Strong of Heart
For each cell member present, a Hunter is treated as having 1 higher Willpower for resisting relevent supernatural effects as per Armory Reloaded p. 169.

Hacks as Powers
Any of the supernatural Hacks in Armory Reloaded pp. 162-168 may be used for Dread Powers. Just a friendly heads up.

Hard Staking
Staking a vampire (or anyone else who’s heart you may want to apply a sharp object to) is now an extended action with a dice pool of str+weap+equipment. The vampire’s defense is applied if it is not asleep and completely immobilized. Successes required equal the vampire’s health dots. From the sidebar in Armory Reloaded p 163.

During any extended action with periodic rolls greater than a turn, you may spend a willpower to halve that roll’s per roll time as per Mirrors p. 34

Haus Rules

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