Fairmont Park

Fairmont Park has been central to much of the cell’s recent activity. Much of the cell met while tracking a wolfman, incorporeal owls, or what would turn out to be a zombeater into the park on one cold, fateful January night.

The park has been thickly populated with ethereal owls that are believed to be linked to many zombie encounters through out the city. The owls are excited by violence, and thrown into a frenzy at the sight of death.

The park is also home to wolfman activity, one having been tracked to the park by Dy and Susan, and another encountered (and captured) during a scuffle.

A zombeater was encountered on 2 occasions, the second resulting in the destruction of the beater.

Recently, some sort of gravity phenominon has been observed. Many inanimated objects have been witnessed seemingly freed of gravity’s influence.

In addition, no less than 2 seemingly antagonistic cells have been encountered on park grounds.

Fairmont Park

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