Crying Girl

Ephemeral Girl of the Shadows


She appeares to be an ephemeral being, spending most of her time unsolid. The Crying Girl is theorised to be bound to the Beaters’ parking garage. She has displayed the ability to interfere with various types of electronic survelience equipment.

Song: Always on My Mind – Akira Yamaoka (Feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)


The Crying Girl is a being that tends to spend most of her time beyond the solid plane of existence. She appears as a young girl aged 8-10 who tends to be crying, or at least dismayed. Her crying has interefered with the cell’s audio reccording equipment, and her visage has inexplicably obscured crucial video surveilance.
Arthas deduced that she was somehow bound to the Beaters’ parking garage at some point in the past, and that the Beaters’ killing spree was tied to a ceremony to free the Crying Girl. The cell managed to stop the ceremony from reaching completion.
The Crying Girl’s relationship to Oswaldt is uncertain, as Oswaldt seems to have organaized the Beaters to action, but also aided the cell in confounding the Bible Beaters, going so far as to stand by and watch as Walt and Dy destroyed the last beater.
Exactly what the Crying Girl is, is uncertain. She certainly fits many definitions of demon, but may merely be a ghost or spirit of some sort.

Crying Girl

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