Philadelphia. On the surface, it’s got more problems than anyone is prepared to handle. Just below the surface? That’s where the hopelessness starts. That’s where you’ll wish you could run into a crooked cop, or a cranked out gangbanger. Thing is? If you wanna start making things better, that’s the place to do it. There are things down there in the dark that make sure this city stays such a hellhole. Time to decide what to do about it.

The Flickering Chronicles is an ongoing third tier Hunter: the Vigil chronicle broken into smaller stories. Last year’s story, Church & State saw the cell persuing a cabal of slashers the media had dubbed the Bible Beaters (they, however, referred to themselves as the Holy Paladins of Saint George). After the cell investigated some cults, bizzare sex clubs, a couple packs of werewolves, and a nightclub full of the walking dead, the cell managed to take down the Beaters and stop their plan from coming to fruition. The story is recounted, appropriately, in the adventure logs.

The current story, Collateral Damage has followed the forming of a new itineration of the as of yet unnamed cell, and their investigations into several supernatural occurances in philly. Thus far the cell has tracked and even captured werewolves, brushed up against fellow cells, penetrated a nightclub of the undead, killed a hippie, dealt with zombies seemingly possesed by ethereal owls, made flesh and blood sacrafices to a massive spider, and discovered undead reincarnations of the Bible Beaters.


  • Tuesday has been added to the adventure logs. Only 3 days to go!
  • Wiki page for Fairmont Park added.
  • Several locations and characters have been updated, and I’m working on updating the logs presently.
  • In the wiki, I added the write up for The Orpheus Group.
  • A Haus Rule page has been added to the wiki to keep you abreast of all our deviances from thee books. If you’re playing and only read one page (other than this one) make sure it’s that one.
  • Several characters have either been added or updated, bringing Philly by Night up to quite a populous berg.

The Flickering Chronicles

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