The Safe House.

The Safe House


The Safehouse is set up into 8 useable rooms, and a few crannies. There are two bedrooms (Just inside the foyer, on the left), a bathroom (also reachable from the foyer hallway) and that hallway leads to the living room. From the living room you can get to the kitchen, the utility closet, and the master bedroom (which is Dyana’s). Dyana’s room also contains the master bathroom, as well as a walk in closet. From the kitchen you can get to the back porch (containing the hot tub), and to the basement. The Basment is a large room, with a large room (Which serves as the pit, trap #1). The safehouse also contains a two-car garage.

The Safehouse is retrofitted with hi-tech alarms. Each door has a motion sensor, which triggers an alarm. As well, each door has a small security camera. The doors are also set up with alarms. All of this can be can set on and off at two different terminals within the house.

*_Traps-_ *The Safehouse is set up with two traps, with room for more. The first is a trap door beneath the cement slab in front of the front door. It drops 15 feet to a reinforced metal room. The room has a two-way mirror the length of the wall. Other than that it is empty. There is no door knob to get out, it only opens from the outside. The second trap is an axe correctly positioned to hit a person walking down the basement stairs. The fourth stair is pressure sensitive, any one who walks on it will catch an axe to the torso.

The rooms-

_Dyana’s room- _Plush with a dark magenta cushy carpet, Dyana’s room is the largest bedroom in the house. It has a four post canopy bed adorned with transparent black curtains, as well as thicker magenta curtains. She has a 4 foot bureau, a 42 flat screen HD tv, as well as a ornate looking wooden desk with a desktop PC. Her walk in closet (through the bathroom) contains a hidden cache, which she hides whatever she needs to.

Bedroom 2 &3- A standard bedroom with a double bed, night stand, 36 inch HD Tv, and a dresser.
The Living room- A cushy leather couch and two leather recliners accent the 55 inch Television mounted on the wall sharing Dyana’s room. It also contains a modern 6 piece dining set, table and chairs.

The Kitchen- The Kitchen contains a large double sink, a electric oven range, dishwasher, a large fridge, as well as a walk in pantry. It is black and white tiled floor, with a modern clock on the wall, and a wonderful view of the back yard. Through the kitchen you can access the basement.

The Basement- It is an unfinished large room. On the wall is the biggest TV in the house (60 inches), hooked up through various video editing software, as well as a dvr/dvd player combo. Essentially this is the station which video is analyzed. In the center of the room is a large Microsoft Surface Interactive Table. It is also hardwired through the television. The basement has a fully stocked tool bench, with Kobalt tools, and a fully stocked bar. Finally, this is the only room in the house with access to “the pit” which is where anyone from the front door trap ends up.

Utility Room- Contains a washer and dryer combo.

Both Bathrooms are full bathrooms.

The Safe House.

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