The Orpheus Group

The Orpheus Group is something of a phenominon as far as hunter Compacts go. It is one of the youngest Compacts, and has managed to accrue a disproportionate amount of power and influence. Orpheus’ history only stretches back to the early 90’s, and much of that decade was spent as a humble cryogenics company.
The company’s handbook states that early cryogenic patients who were unthawed were observed to have had out of body experiences. What the handbook doesn’t cover, is the transition from shakey cryogenic sleep company to succesful “ghost busting” company.
By 2000 Orpheus had become a very succecful paranormal investigation firm by, ironically keeping a low profile, and keeping a very resricted customer base. Orpheus charges very high prices for it’s highly specialized labor. The Orheus Group doesn’t advertise, they simply rely on word of mouth. By catering only to the most exclusive of clients, the company has largely avoided public scrutiny. The company is privately held, and is officially a “paranormal investigation” firm, which the government has little regulation of.
Orpheus Group’s bread and butter are dealing with “run of the mill” hauntings, but more than one agent can say they’ve been involved in “wetworks”, assignments of dubious morality and legal only by dint of there being no laws regarding ghostly activity . . . yet. Wetworks range from corporate espionage to outright assasination, depending on your . . . level of involvement with the company.
Perhaps the biggest irony of this powerhouse of Compacts is its level of ignorance toward the greater horrors of the World of Darkness. While The Orpheus Group is extremely knowledgable about ghosts and hauntings, little is known about vampires, werewolves or even stranger horrors of the night. Orpheus has a decent knowledge base surrounding psychic phenomina, but even the Sin-Eaters are written off as advanced psychics.

Status is gained by accomplishing missions and demonstrating loyalty.

  • 1 Dot-You have succesfully learned one of the Projections and have proven your discretion
  • 3 Dots-The brass knows you get results, so you get funding. You have an effective Resource raiting of 2 higher (max 5) for matters directly concerned with your assignment.
  • 5 Dots-You’re so important to the organization you get an aid. You have a 3 dot Retainer who may or may not know one of Orpheus’ Projections.

Endowment: Projections
A character can learn both projections, but the higher ups are loathe to grant rank and file agents such freedom. As such, regardless of which Projection is learned first, a second cannot be learned until the character reaches Status 3, and has demonstrated extreme loyalty to The Orpheus Group. The first Projection one learns is a 3 dot Endowment, and the second Projection is the 5th dot of the same Endowment.

By virtue of having freed one’s soul from one’s body, Orpheus’ agents gain the ability to see the restless dead, manifested or not. One may not see other things in Twilight without actually venturing there.

Cost: 1 Willpower, then 1 Willpower per hour
Roll: Extended, Int+Wits, 10 successed needed, each roll is 1 turn
Skimming is the esoteric art of soul projection. With a minute or less of meditation, the Skimmer’s soul can free itself of the flesh, and a persons will or ‘soul’ can roam free. An additional willpower point must be spent every hour to keep the body alive in the absence of a soul.
The ghost body retains its living stats, and gains 2 Numina. More Numina may be purchased for 5+xp apiece, pending story teller approval. The ghost body may travel any distance from the physical body. Damage taken to the ghost body is immediately sent to the real body.
As an instant action, a Skimmer may snap back to his body from any distance. This inflicts 1 lethal damage from the nervous system violently starting up again, and costs 1 willpower. Otherwise, if the projector’s will can return to the body for free as an instant action when in arm’s reach of the physical body.

Cost:1 willpower
Those who can’t or won’t learn to Skim are given a second chance at death in the Sleeper Cradles. Cradles are very similar to the original cryosleep systems Orpheus got off the ground with. Flatliners’ bodily fluids are drained, stored, and replaced with a chemical cocktail who’s formula the Orpheus Group prefer to keep to themselves, all while the body is chilled to -50 degrees Farenheit. The process takes about 5 hours to preform, and is just as long to undo.
A Sleeper retains all stats and gains 2 Numina. More Numina may be purchased for 5+xp apiece, pending Story Teller approval. The ghost body may travel as far as it wishes. A Flatliner may stay out of body for Stamina days, then his physical body begins taking 1 lethal damage each 24 hours thereafter. The Flatliner may instead spend 1 willpower to remain out of body.
While Flatlined, the body does not heal damage, nor do you receive the automatic daily willpower. While out of body, the Sleeper gains a second health track called Corpus. Corpus is determined by Size+Stamina, and has the same damage penalties as the regular health track, and heals damage at the same rates. If any damage remains in Corpus when a Sleeper awakens, it is sent to the original Health track, stacking on top of any existing damage.
Stamina times per projection, a Sleeper may send all the damage from one attack to the physical body, where it will remain for when the Sleeper returns to the flesh. You may decide to do this after the extent of damage has been determined, this action costs 1 willpower.

The Orpheus Group

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