The HFUv2

The second incarnation of The HFU came into existance at the outset of Collateral Damage, the second story in The Flickering Chronicles. The cell consisted of Dyana Daniels, Abigail James, Jude Astoria, Calvin Johansen, and Susan Weatherfor-Smithfield. In-game, the cell existed only for about a month,though many game sessions comprised that month, and the cell was surprisingly active in that time.

The HFUv2 augmented Dyana’s wealth with Susan’s wealth, and considerable connections with Ashwood Abby, and had access to vast resources. Though the cell started out using Dyana’s [[The Safe House. | Safe House ]], they later began to use the Abby as their primary base.

During their brief time, The HFUv2 managed to put down two undead zombie bible beaters, put down a rival cell that was doing more harm than good, an forge a working relationship with a faction of the city’s undead.

The cell never formally ended, with the game falling off as some players moved on to Geist: the Sin-Eaters, and some players had children. The HFUv2 was never used at the time, and isonly what I have begun referring to this cell retroactively to distinguish them from the original HFU. Their tales are somewhat recounted in the adventure log under Collateral Damage.

The HFUv2

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