The HFU were the first long term cell in The Flickering Chronicles, and the cell’s existance began and ended with the beginning and ending of Church and State.

The cell initially met up while investigating the sewers near a condemned hospital that what would have been The HFU had investigated the night before (see Church and State, Chapter 1). Walter Kohen of Task Force: VALKYRIE and Jack Malone of Aegis Kai Doru met in the sewers and were immediately accosted by a dog sized-obviously undead rat. From then on, the duo would focus primarily on catching what the media dubbed the Bible Beater. A serial killer who turned out to be serial killers who thought they were doing god’s work and wiping out “sexual deviants”. The duo were occasionally joined by Gabriel Obadiah Daniels who on more than one occasion, showed up just in time to save the cell’s bacon.

In addition to their focus on the Bible Beaters, the cell also investigated local vampire and werewolf activity. The latter would be Malone’s undoing, as he personally waged such a war on the shapeshifters that they eventually ran him out of town. Jack was quickly replaced by Dyana Daniels (no relation), a quirky young woman of the Lucifuge. Dyana was very wealthy (or more specifically, her parents were), and she was able to supply the cell with [[The Safe House. | The Safe House. ]] Dyana and Walter would go on to solve the Bible Beater problem, and is recounted in the adventure logs under Church & State and Jack and Dyana’s personal journals.

The HFU more or less dissolved when Walter disappeared after the cell took a small vacation following their triumph over the Beaters. The HFU stands for Horrible Fuck Ups, as that’s what the cell came to jokingly refer to themselves, and no more formal name was ever discussed.


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