Murder List One

This is a list of the Bible Beaters’ victims. Feel free to expand any knowledge.

1. Dr. Nicholas Malroy – cell witnessed on night 1. Dr. Fuck, PTA

2. Rose Marie – Behind Wah Wah. PTA

3. Gina Ambrose – School parking lot. PTA Youth

4. Richard Dai – Alley. Cell witnessed and killed the murderer. PTA

5. Dr. Dana Jung – St. Jude. Same night as Dr. Weinstein. Dr. Fuck

6. Dr. Albert Weinstein – Condo. Dr. Fuck

7. Mary Montrose – Home. UW

8. Name suppressed by TFV, never revealed. Occured same night as 9 and 10

9. Paul Rozz – Home. Dy just missed – UW

10. Dr. Darius Mercury – Home. Dr. Fuck

11. Karen Snyder – mall parking lot, 3pm – PTA 11-16 occurred the same sunday

12. Dallas Ryan – Buddy’s house, poker 10 PM. PTA. Also killed were Joe Vaultson, Patrick Rodrigez, Mark Swoger, Ed Smock, considered collateral damage by cell, not the media)

13. Rick Hadeson – after sunday school, smashed in car. 8 pm PTA

14. Alex Watson – WaWa, getting gas 7pm. PTA

15.Rejina Miller – Bowling parking lot 9pm. PTA

16. Debbie Reynolds – Off freeway, cell witnessed and persued, but lost the Beater responsible.

17. Joseph Park – 17-22 occured on the same day.

18. Lars Ringo

19. Chassidy Belle

20. Zita Xenia

21. Jessica Parks

22. Jordan Fuega

Murder List One

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