Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit is an S&M shoppe/sex club in an old jail in Center City. The building stands two stories tall above ground, and at least 2 levels below. The ground level is primarily the store area, with a few cells for private enjoyment. The top floor contains many cells decked out for customers, and a large studio apartment.

The first basement largely houses cells, again, fully of leather, lace, chains, and what have you. The second basement has only been glimpsed briefly, but it seems luxuriously furnished, covered with white carpeting and white leather furniture.

The cell poked around to discover that club houses several freaks, seemingly made from humans. Little is known about these creatures, except that they seem to be made expressly for the purposes of combat against one another for the amusement of the patrons, who also seem to amuse themselves with the creatures.

At least one customer, Dr Henry McCoy, is suspected to be a target of the Bible Beaters.

The cell has made contact and fast friends with Delyla, the quarky desk girl. This has gotten them an invitation to a weekly gathering at the club.

Forbidden Fruit

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