The Flickering Chronicles

Chemical Logic - Chapter 6


On a Wednesdy

Philladelphia, PA

Seabass and Mac convened at Papa Frita’s Fry Pit to discuss their next plan of attack. While there, Nick Sobotka called and said that he had information to share about the river creature. He told the cell he’d meet them behind the Whet Pier at 2:30am.

The Disavowed arrived t the Whet Pier at the appointed time, and headed toward the back alley. They noted Ziggy’s camaro in the parking lot. As the duo approached the alley, Nick called out that he was back there. The two headed into the alley, and were stuck in the back of the head with bats, from unsen assailents. Both went down, and Nick drew a handgun. One of the men with bats started shouting, “where’s my son, assholes?” Frank Sobotka, Ziggy’s father, was very angry, and seemed convinced that the Disvowed had something to do with Ziggy’s disapearance. Mac tried a bit of verbal resistance, but it just the cell beaten further. Finally, Frank demanded the crew find his son in 3 days, or there would be consequences. Also, the heroine that Nick had given them was stolen, and Frank demanded that back at 5:30am. The Cell were allowed to limp off, with a gun trained on them the entire time.

The cell headed off to collect themselves, then headed down to the north philly waterfront to try to find the woman who had been acosted by the river creature. The Duo didn’t have to look for long before find thier woman. She was being detained by The Cleaners just a block away. The Disavowed crept down a nearby alley and jumped The Cleaners, drugging them at gunpoint and stuffing them into their own crown victoria. Seabass then headed for his backup motel room in the crown vic.

Meanwhile, Mac took the working girl, only partially freely, to Keystone Pharma under the promise that his doctors would be able to help her. She went with little struggle at gunpoint to the office, and Mac handed her off to the science team. Mac then headed back to meet with Seabass. The two unloaded the three unconcious men into the motel room and bound them without being seen.The cell went through The Cleaners’ cell phones, but found no call history, and only a list of bland first names in the contacts. They tied one Cleaner to a chair , the oldest, looking about 40, and slapped him awake. Seabass began asking about their leadership and mission, but the man seemed unphased. That’s when Mac straddled the man’s lap and began cutting off pieces of his abdomen. The man seemed more disapointed in their interrogation technique than anything. After throwing a few more random bits of violence at the man, Mac gave up. Seabass redrugged the man who then promptly passed out.

Mac headed bck to theWhet Pier to drop off the drugs while Seabass cleaned up their victim. He did this by stuffing the man’s upper body into a garbage bag, and crushing his head with a sledgehammer.

When Mac returned to find Seabass cleaning up the scene,the two had a bit of disagreement over the proper course of action, with Seabass mad that Mac would use such sloppy, destructive techniques, and Mac mad that Seabass had just decided that the man had seen too much and needed killed. The two did agree however, that the dead mn needed to be used as a prop for interogating the next man, however. They cut open the garbage bag, so that what was left of the dead man’s skull and its contents were clerly visible, then they tied nother Cleaner tothe chair,and slapped him awake. This man quickly crumbled, and was panic stricken at the site of “Mike’s” corpse. He claimed to bean accountant, and that Moke had been the brains of the operation. He also said found it odd that they were asking about the South Philly Slasher, because the Cleaners thought the Disavowed were colluding with him. He thought this, because they were fairly confident the Slasher was a member of the Paddy’s Pub Gang, one of the men.

The Disavowed were unable to get any further useful information rom the man, and so drugged him again.

The cell then headed to Paddy’s Pub right around opening time, and sat the cell down for a talk. THe Disavowed took each member of The Gang back to the office, one at a time, and tried to slyly find out who the South Philly Slasher was. Paddy’s Mac broke easily, and admitted he did it because an angel with a german ccent told him to do it. Healso daid the other Gang members were hethens, and wouldn’t understand that Mac was doing god’s work. The Disavowed told Mac to keep it low key for now, and that they would speak to him about it further at another time.

The Disavowed then headed back to the Cleaners to clean up. Mac dropped the deceased man into the Potomac river, while Seabass dropped them, still bound and drugged, back in their car where it had been taken from originally.

XP: 4
PXP: 0

Quote of the Night: Gag them Mac style!

Chemical Logic - Chapter 5
Working Girls and Creatures of the Deep

10:43 PM

On a Sunday

Philladelphia, PA

The Disavowed left The Whet Pier and decided to try to bate out the creature from the river. Mac payed a working girl to stand on a corner by the waterfront for 4 hours. The cell posted up by the waterfront themselves, and though they smelled something foul, there was no sighting of the creature.

After their lack of success, the two decided to persue their own goals for th rest of the night. Mac went on a Bogus journey, that will be recounted in a later adventure log, while Seabass did some recon on some of his own persuits.

The next day, the cell met up at Paddy’s to plan their next move. While there, they received a call from a frantic and furious Nick telling them to catch the thing from the river, and that he’d pay well if they did. He told the cell that one of those things burst out of his fiance that must have been gestating for the past two weeks, and that she was in bad shape. The Disavowed agreed to help, and began making plans for that evening.

That night, the cell set out for the waterfront, and caught wind of the creature’s scent almost immediately. They followed their noses to an alley just a block from the Potomac, and began preparing an ambush of the creature, which was wrapped around a woman who seemed to be resisting futiley. The two quietly moved in from opposite sides of the alley, and attacked, Mac with his katanas, and Seabass with a machete. The creature, seemingly just a collection of tentacles, immediately unwrapped itself from its victim, and started booking out of the alley toward the water. The cell persued and hacked off several tentacles until the creature shuddered and colapsed. It immediately started drying out, and was a fine, smelly poweder in a matter of minutes. The cell bagged some up, but an arguement began breaking out over their next course of action. Mac seemed to be under the impression that Seabass had some book which Seabass wouldn’t admit to having, which lead to Mac throwing a punch at Seabass. Seabass tried to retaliate with his machete, but Mac, erratically, deescalated the situation.

After that, Mac continued his Bogus Journey, while Seabass broke into a veterinary clinic and made off with some questionable substances, narrowly avoiding the police.

The next morning Mac and Seabass headed to One Liberty Place, home to Keystone Pharma, LLC., Mac’s employer. Mac and Seabass were both surprised that Alicia Magnum called both of them back to her office. Seabass and Alicia introduced themselves to one another before getting down to business. Mac pulled outthe bag of what had been the creature, to Alicia’s tempered interest. She seemed more interested in the woman the thing had accosted, which Mac and Seabass had completely ignored after their arguement. Mac then inquired about Nock Sobotka and his fiance,which Alicia hadn’t heard about. Mac told Alicia to get her people on it, then Alicia reminded Mac that he was “her people”. Mac said he’d get on it, and the cell began to depart. On the way out, Seabass cryptically told Alicia to “tell Mike I said hi.”

Later, the cell headed back to The Whet Pier to speak with Nick about the recent happening. Nick told them that his finace was in bad shape, and heavily sedated, but that she’d probably get better eventually. He also seemed very concerned about his cousin, Ziggy’s whereabouts. When Nick told them that the last he heard from Ziggy was that he was going to meet The Disavowed at some parking garage. Mac said that he had asked ziggy for help on the matter of the tentacle creature, and that Ziggy had shown upfor the preparation at the garagem but then never arrived at the waterfront. This was news to Seabass as well. Despite his reservations, Nick didn’t push the issue anyfurther, and asked that the cell let him know if Ziggy contacted either of them. The three left the bar, andin the parking lot, Nick pulled a kilo of heroine from his car, and tossed it to Mac, who promptly handed it off to Seabass, who then hid it in his coat. The drugs, Nick told them, were payment for dealing with the creature, though it sounded like Nick had obtained the kilo in a rather clandestine manner. The three hunter went their separate ways into the cold, february night.

XP: 4
PXP: 5

Quote of the night:
Mac: What was with that duck? Are we just going to overlook that?
Seabass: It’s Philly.

Chemical Logic - Chapter 4
For the Fallen


On a Saturday

Philladelphia, PA

We found our heroes once again at Paddy’s Pub, trying to decide what their next move is. They offered to help The Gang with whatever thy were getting inot that evening, but The Gang declined, but told The Disaowed that they’d call if they needed help. The two decided to split up, and persue some individual ideas for the night. And with that, the two set out to meet their own shady goals.

Once of Mac’s persuits took him back to the parking garage, where he found the remains of another bloody attack, and a trail of blood leading to the garbage at the back of the garage basement. Mac immediately called Seabass, who then quickly arrived on the scene. Seabass recorded, while Mac dug through the trash pile and found the remains of a corpse, one who seemed to have all bones removed. Mac took a picture of it and sent to it Alicia Magnum, but the picture merely looked like the Crying Girl sitting amongst the garbage. Mac was scolded forcontinuing to worry about a routine haunting. Mac hung up and rejoined Seabass downstairs again. The two tried to watch what Seabass had just recorded, and the results were the same. There was no evidence of blood on the recording, and it looked like the two dug the crying girl out of the garbage.

The Disavowed decided to use the scene to observe the group who had been seen at theother murder scenes, who the two presumed were the feds that the locals hunters seemed so concerned with. Macreturned to street level, and posted up in an alley across the street, posing as a vagrant in an amazingly acurate fashion. Meanwhile, Seabass remained in the garage, to dosome investigating in the mean time, and then be ready when the opposing cell arrived. Seabass also used some of the ambient blood to write “BEHIND YOU” on the wall above the corpse.

After several hours, the stakeout paid off, and a familiar, dark crown victoria pulled up in front of the garage, and three men in wastecoats emerged, lit their flashlights, and headed into the garage. Mac texted Seabass before stealithly following the three down the ramps to basement 2. The three were very non-chalant about the discovery of the blood, and seemed more irked that they now had work to do than anything. They followed the blood trail to the back of the garage, and immediately spun around when they saw the message on the wall.The disavowed masked up, and Seabass emerged from th shadows with his gun drawn, while Mac opted for a pose on the ramp. Seabass’ threat did stop the men from drawning weapons, but their hand’s never moved too far from their coats. The man in the middle did put his hands down, and asked what the two wanted. The two cells exchanged vague threats, with Mac implying that the feds were just there to hide problems, not to solve them, and the feds treating The Disavowed like amateurs. In the end, The Disavowed backed down.

The cell decicided to take Jake up on a tip he had given them a few days earlier, and head down to the waterfront to investigate reports of some tentacly river monster attacking women. The Union had mentioned both that they were working that angle, and that the waterfront was their territory,but The Disavowed decided to take their chances all the same. Not long after the cell made it to the river, Mac received a text from Frank, saying “Need help. They got Charlie. Christ Church. Secret basement.” The duo raced off, fining Christ Church only a few blocks from the Potomac.

The two enetered the front doors of the church, which was strangely unlocked, and noted owls hooting. The owls seemed a little unseasonal, but otherwise unremarkable. They investigated the sanctuary, before heading into the back of the church and finding a door to the basement. The basement seemed unremarkable, except for the fact it covered less than a third of what the foundation should have been. While investigating thebasemnt, Seabass noted that he could still faintly hear the owls. Mac found a secret handle built into a shelf onthe back wall, and the two readied themselves for whatever was on the other side, drawing weapons and securing their masks. Mac then pulled the lever.

The scene before them was shocking. As a door sized set of cinder blocks swung out of the way, the cell witnessed 3 men in ornate wooden chairs, sitting before a large, jeweled cross. In front of them were 3 young women and Charlie bound to chairs in a T-shape, with Charlie in front and the women in a row behind. Around them, were 4 more men seated in a semi circle. The Disavowed’s presence was immediately noticed by all inthe room, except the 4 bound in the chairs, who seemed drugged. Mac charged in with and drove his katanas into one of the members of the semicircle. While this was happening, all of the 6 men who were neither bound nor stabbed, began clutching their heads, with the three on the “altar” shaking it off rather quickly.

Seabass ran up to the altar and engaged with the men there, one of which grew his hands into horrific claws. As the othertwo were about to attack Seabass, Paddy’s Mac and Frank emerged from the room behind the altar, and Mac delivered an exemplary spin kick to the face of one of the men on the altar. Meanwhile, Frank shot randomly at the three at the head of the room while heading for the door. The three onlookers seemed to recover, and two of them set out to kill thebound girls imediately, while the third tackled Frank. The girls and Charlie all sustained mortal injuries. The ensuing fight was very chaotic. Paddy’s Mac was dominated into lying down in the back room, while Frank was fed upon. One of the three heads of the ceremony attacked the two viewers who were trying to kill the bound.

Disavowed Mac and Seabass both fought ferociously, and sustained injuries throuought the fight. Mac was dominated into laying on the floor while the man who had been sitting in the middle chair bit Mac’s neck and drained him of blood. Seabass then grappled with another of the bloodsuckers whilethe one with the claws raked mercilessly at Seabass’ back. Disavowed Mac rescued Frank, then went after Seabass’ assailant, who quickly (very quickly) fled the basement. The two grabbed Frank, Charlie and Paddy’s Mac, and escaped while one of the men from the altar was still fighting one of the onlookers. The Gang thanked The Disavowed and headed forthe bar while Mac loaded Seabass into the car. Mac then decided to head back into the church to recover his mask and Seabass’ sledgehammer.

When he arrived in the secret basement, Mac saw the man from the Alter literally tearing the head off the man he had been fighting, who promptly burnt into greasy ash. The man looked Mac in the eye and said, “won’t you have a seat?” Mac felt supernaturally compelled to comply,and did indeed sit. The man smiled, and sunk his teeth into the other side of Mac’s neck (the one that hadn’t been bitten before). Seabass worried that Mac was taking too long, so he limped his way down to the basement oncew more to find the men feeding on Mac. Seabass tried to pull the man off Mac, and imediately, The Disavowed were overcome by crippling terror. The two had no choice but to cower on the floor in the fetal position as their mystery assailent left the basement. After what seemed life forever, the two finally regained their composue and headed for the car. En route to Paddy’s Mac called Allicia and demanded she get Dr. Home to the bar.

The Disavowed made it to Paddy’s and regrouped with The Gang in the basement. Before long, Dr. Follows, the bonde austrailian doctorin Home’s employ arrived at the pub, and Mac hastily brought him down to the basement. He did what he could for Seabass, who had suffered fairlyterrible injuries, and looked like he had been mauled by a bear. Dr. Follows then moved on to Charlie. Follows checked Charlie’s heart rate to find that Charlie had no pulse. Imediately Charlie leapt up and started bolting upthe stairs. Mac tackled Charlie on the stairs while the gathered hunters surrounded them. Disavowed Mac demanded that whatever they were talking to return Charlie to them. “Charlie,” now with glowing yellow eyes, then replied, “This one is already lost.” And with that, Charlie Kelly dropped dead.

Two weeks passed while The Disavowed rested and healed. Mac took Sweet Dee to the Poconos, while Seabass stayed behind and recuperated. On the second sunday in February, the cell met back up at Papa Frita’s Fry Pit to regroup. Seabass had learned of two similar killings in the basement of the garage, but wasn’t able to get any more details. Seabass had also learned from Jake that one that fateful saturday two weeks prior, The Union had used Nick’s fiance as bair for the river creature, and that she had gotte attacked before The Union could stop it. They had driven off the creature, but not killed it. The cell headed forPaddy’s to pay their respects to Charlie. His bashing bat had been mounted on the wall with a plaque that read “Charlie Kelly 1976-20X1” Mac was a little standoffish with The Gang, but The Disavowed managed to getout without a fight breaking out.

The Disavowed then headed to The Whet Pier, The Union’s bar of choice. Ziggy remained at the bar, surrounded by his fellow longshoremen, who were all enthraled with Ziggy’s latest rediculous purchase, and duck and it’s gold chain necklace. Nick met with the cell, and was met largely with Mac berating him for The Union’s handling of the situation. This confrontation also ended poorly, but Seabass was able to end the chapter once again with the cell’s tagline.

Nick: You guys really seem like feds
Seabass: No Nick. We’re… The Disavowed

1PXP (many plusses and minuses)

Quote of the night: “I’m not going in the dark, that shit is dumb.” – Mac

Chemical Logic - Chapter 3
The Disavowed


On a Thursday

Philladelphia, PA

After leaving Samedi’s Hat, the cell began discussing their plans for Paddy’s The Gang. Mac had been told by his superior that he could use them however he wanted, but would recieve no official support on that persuit. Seabass and Mac concluded that even though Philly’s hunter community generally all agreed The Gang were nothing but screw ups, that Mac and Seabass could mold them into something more, perhaps with the aid of some anonymity. Mac and Seabass headed for a mask shop, to gift The Gang with a token of their good will. The cell then headed for Paddy’s Pub to speak with The Gang.

After Paddy’s Mac gave the two an ocular pat down and cleared the cell, all 7 hunters gathered at a booth to discuss the future. Mac and Seabass told The Gang that despite their reputation as screw ups, the two would like to help them. The Gang took offense to the notion that they were screw ups, and claimed that they had killed 4 vampires in the past month alone. The Gang also made it clear that the opinion of others hunters didn’t mean anything to them. Mac and Seabass still offered to bring The Gang under their wing, and the Gang retreated briefly to discuss the topic. During their extended declining of the cell’s offer, Charlie let slip that The Gang was working either with, or for, someone he called the Nightman, the the rest of The Gang hastily scolded Charlie for letting that information out. The two cells settled on an informal mutual alliance, and exchanged numbers before Seabass and Mac headed on their way.

The cell later met up at Mac’s home in the suburbs to discuss strategy. While there, another news story hit that sounded like the South Philly Slasher. This time it was an elderly woman named Irma Bundt, and she resided in North Philladelphia. The cell raced off, but between the time it took to get back into the city, and the cell’s lack of knowledge of the area, the crime scene had been long cleaned up before the cell arrived. The cell decided to split up and check the two likely hospitals that the body could have gone to. Seabass took a cab to West Bridge Hospital, the closer one in Northwest Philly, while Mac headed to St Jude’s in Center City. Both managed to get the morgue of his respective hospital, neither found any sign of Irma.

The Cell met back up at Papa Frita’s, where Seabass added a new item to Jak’s menu, The Clogger. After finishing up their horrible, horrible meals, the duo headed next door to Samedi’s Hat to seak further information on the metal infused people. Since it was Jake’s peak time, he invited the crew into the back room and fixed up his Special Blend for the cell. Jake revealed that a local cell from The Union had just captured a mechanical bird the night before that was “stealing the breath from children.”He also mentioned that The Union had taken a big hit in the past month, losing two cells to “the wolves.” Jake offered to set a meeting up with The remaining Union cell, and Seabass and Mac agreed before heading on their way.

The next afternoon, Mac and Seabass arrived at Papa Frita’s Fry Pit in preparation for their meeting with The Union. An orange 1978 Camaro that cell had sen at Papa Frita’s before pulled up outside, and out stepped two men in their 30’s wearing denim and t-shirts. The two entered Frita’s and greeted Jak, who indicated Mac and Seabass’s booth to them. The two sat down and introduced themselves as Nick and Ziggy Sobotka. The two cells exchanged pleasentries then got down to business. The Sobotkas told of the mechanical bird that they had caught over their cousin’s daughter while she was sleeping. Apparently, many of the neigborhood kids had come down with flu-like symptoms that weren’t going away, so they staked out the girl’s room and caught the bird in the act. They were too late though, and the girl seems to have come down with the same problem. The two offered to make a deal so Mac and Seabass could see the bird, but Mac and Seabass were unwilling to negotiate onthat point. Through the conversation, The Union boys made it a point to make sure the two newer hunters were aware that North Philly and the docks belonged to The Union, and they were notto conduct business there without permission. In the end, the meeting ended mostly amicably, and the two groups exchanged contact information and the promise to keep each other informed.

The Cell then decided to pay another visit to the parking garage, with Seabass offering to let Mac use his EVP detector, since Mac seemed to have a better rapport with the crying girl. Before the two even set foot in the structure, they saw a caat running off, accomanied by metallic sounds. Mac immediately set off after the cat, with Seabass stumbling a bit and following. Mac managed to chase the cat down and pounce on it. Mac yelled for Seabass to use his coat to tryto bag the creature, which was violently resisting. THrough the struggle, Mac was certain the creature had no give, and felt hard, cold and metallic. They managed to corral the creature into the coat and hold itlong enough to stuff the coat into a carrier the picked up. The two headed to One Liberty Place while Mac phoned his superior, Alicia Magnum. Alicia agreed to meet them at the office.

At One Liberty Place, Mac asked Seabass to wait in the lobby while he headed up to the offices of Keystone Pharma, LLC. Mac met with his superior, and the two witnessed an extractionteam transfer the creature to a more secure container. There, Mac was able to fully lay eyes on the creature. It was indeed a cat made entirely of metal, with internal clockwork clearly visible through severalgaps in its outer metal shell. The single strangest feature was that the cat seemed to have organic eyes. The extraction team took the cat away while Mac and Alicia discussed business further before going their spearate ways. Mac and Seabass met upin the lobby again congradulated each other and went their separate ways.

Mac ended up meeting with Dee from the pub and going on that date a night early, while Seabass staked out St Jude. Seabass’s stake out ended with car sex, followd by hospital-staff-shower-sex with Liz, the laundry girl he had met earlier that week.

The Cell met up the next afternoon at Papa Frita’s to discuss their next move, then meet up with Jake again. Jake was interested to hear about the exploits with the mechanical cat and mentioned that women by the river had been getting attacked lately, and that none of the city’s hunters seemed to have been looking into it. Jake asked one last time, “are you two really trying to tell me you’re not g-men?”

To this, Mac replied, “No Jake. We’re… The Disavowed.”


Quote of the week: “No Jake. We’re… The Disavowed.”

Chemical Logic 2
Take Me to the Hospital


On a Wednesday

Philladelphia, PA

After receiving news that there was another vivisection murder just a few blocks from the parking garage, Seasbass and Mac headed off, separately to come from opposite directions. The murder scene was behind a Wawa, and was full of police and gawkers. The body was down the alley behind the store, with police watching both ends, so the cell were unable to getvery close. A dozen police and CSI were on the scene, along with an ambulence. The body had already been covered with a tarp, though blood spatter could be seen covering a large area. Seabass noticed a suit arguing with on officer, though he couldn’t get close enough to hear the topic of conversation. Before long, EMTs wheeled a gurney to the body, though two more suits arrived to do the actual loading, to the EMTs’ iritation. The suits remained in the ambulence at it was prepared to leave. In response, Mac headed to his car to follow the ambulence, while Seabass remained to continue gathering intel. Seabass saw the “lead suit” make another phone call before heading back to his unmarked crown victoria. Seabass texted ShockTreatment about the incident, only to find that this was the first ST was hearing about the incident.

Mac followed the ambulence out of South Philly into Center City to St Jude’s hospital. As he was arriving, ST informed Seabass of the ambulence’s destination, with no indication of how she had gotten the information. She also told Seabass that the body would only be there tonight, so they would have to move quickly to get any information out of it.

The cell headed to Paddy’s Irish Pub to plan their infiltration of the hospital. Shortly after the cell arrived, three of the bar’s owners burst into the bar, very excited about the crime scene they had just witnessed. Apparently they were on scene before the body had been covered up, and described it as “like her guts had been all scooped out!” The cell concluded their planning and began to roll out to procure supplies. Before leaving, Mac spoke to the oldest of the bar’s owners, Frank, and though it wasn’t the friendliest of exchanges, Frank did say “Hold on to that candle, friend” while Mac was headed out the door.

The cell stopped by Seabass’s motel room at the Four Winds Motel, where Mac informed Seabass about Frank. Seabass found a more updated version of the news story that contained the victim’s name, Liz Parks. Seabass then ran a quick background check on her and found out her address, phone number, and credit history. They then they headed to Walmart to find supplies. They were unable to find scrubs, but did get balaclavas “for later.”

The cell headed for Liz’ address, a rowhouse in a lower-middle class neigborhood in northern South Philly. Mac knocked on the door to find a very apprehensive Ms. Parks. Mac, posing as someone from the hospital, informed Ms. Parks that her daughter had been killed. It seemed that Ms. Parks was already very aware. The rest of the conversation was messy but short, then Mac excused himself and the cell were off. Mac and seabass decided to meet again near St. Jude’s after Seabass dead dropped the cameras they had retreived the night before.

The cell had no problem entering the hospital, though they spent quite a bit of time procuring scrubs and a patient gown for their plan. In the process Mac got very frustrated, and Seabass got the scrubs, a patient gown, a hospital blanket, and the phone number for a woman who worked in laundry. Thetwo convened in the elevator and headed down to the second basement, where the morgue and pharmacy were located. The two greeted the night pharmacist, Raphael, before heading toward the morgue without incident. Seabass luckily found an unattended gurney before the two changed into their costumes. Mac took the scrubs, while Seabass got in the gown, and laid underthe blanket in the patient gown.

Mac found four “labs” in the morgue, with people in one of them. He wheeled Seabas into that one, and was met wih one the two people who were with the Mike Tomlin looking fellow at Papa Frita’s the night before. The woman hastily told Mac that the room was in use and he had to go, while the man quickly covered up the body they were working on. Mac appologize and quickly left. He wheeled Seabass to the next room and then came back “to appologize.” He was hastily shoed out the door, but not before he caught a glimpse ofthe body the other doctor was quickly trying to cover up. It appeared as though the upper chest cavity was full of not just organs, but also of gears and other bits of metal. Mac was also able to identify the girl as the one they had met in the parking garage the night prior. Mac appologized again and took his leave, asthe woman started to recall having seen Mac “somewhere.”

Mac and Seabass met up, and agreed to met up at the cars. Mac headed out, while Seabass decided to make one last attempt to get some more information. Seabass sidled up to the door to the lab and peaked in the small window in the door, only to find the woman peaking right back out. She burst out into the hallway and confronted Seabass while the blonde doctor once again covered up the body. The two had a very veiled exchange full of metaphores for the hunt. When Seabass mentioned that he was trying to “get the truth out”, the woman told him “maybe our interests aren’t as closely aligned as you think.” As Seabass was preparingto give up and leave, the hallway doors behind him opened, and a tall man with a cane stood there, asking if everything was alright. The woman said that Seabass was just leaving, and he did so.

Seabass returned to find Mac in his car, visibly shaken. The two headed back to Paddy’s to “debrief”. Mac planted afairly large kiss on Dee, then quickly downed several drinks and started ranting about sticking to the plan, and how they had failed that poor woman. One of the bar’s owners, Dennis, quicjkly came down to them, leaned in close, and quietly told them about keeping their business on the down low. They exchanged candle carrying metaphores, and Seabass agreed to quiet down. Seabass then received a phone call from his supervisor, who was very disapointed to find Seabass wasted. She told him to report the next morning at 8 and hung up.

The two parted ways, and had some separate meetings and adventures which are still secret from each other.

The cell reconvened the next afternoon at Papa Frita’s, ate and headed next door to Samedi’s Hat. Inside they found the best smelling occult shope/hookah lounge the two had ever encountered. Jake Irrelevante emerged from the back and introduced himself. Seabass made a candle metaphore and said that Alicia had ent him. Jake chuckled, and invited the two over to a hookah “since it was early.” The three intoduced themselves, and the cell related an abbreviated version of their explots over the past two days, leaving out the metal bits in the victim’s chest. The cell asked if Jake knew anything about a haunting at the parking garage. He said that it sounded vaguely familiar, but he’d need to check his records. The two thanked Jake, and Jake told them they were welcome any time, then the cell departed.

XP: 3

Chemical Logic - 1
Welcome to the Neighborhood

11:10 pm

On a Tuesday

Philadelphia, PA

It was the last week of January, and a cold night in Philadelphia. Sebastian Tjorgstatd, mercifully known as “Seabass”, was on his way into Philadelphia from parts unknown when he received a text from the number 555-555-5555 with a picture of a young girl sitting on the floor of a parking lot, with the text “help” and the tagged address where the picture was taken. Seabass put the address into his GPS and sped off. He found a four floor parking garage in South Philly, that seemed to have some structural damage. He parked his car across the street, braced himself, and headed in.

There were no cars, employees, electricity, or signs that the garage had been anything but derelict for some time. Seabass’s EVP recorder began picking up the what sounded like a young girl sobbing once he entered the structure, and the sound wouldn’t cease until he left. Seabass pried the elevator doors open to find the elevator down two floors, so he let the doors slide close and took the stairs instead. After finding nothing of interest in the first basement, Seabass headed down to the second.

He cautiously and quietly opened the fire door to B2, to find the floor covered in blood, and a woman with a flashlight looking around. She seemed strangely unfazed but the gruesome scene before her. Her flashlight sweeping the area revealed to Seabass a body on the floor of the garage that had been thoroughly vivisected, and was likely the source of the gore. Seabass managed to sneak a little closer to the woman, but was caught when he tried to use his phone to photograph the woman.


Mac Hawken was on his way to an address his superior in the Field Project Division, Alicia Magnum, had sent him with the word “urgent”. While Mac was en route, Alicia called Mac to brief him. Someone in FPD had picked up a short live stream of high profile Network Zero member, ShockTreatment. The stream was from a first person perspective, likely a chestcam or google glass, and showed the filmer, complete with masked voice, descend into a parking garage, get very frightened at the sight of a young, crying girl, and begin to run away before the stream ended. Mac was ordered to collect intel for future asset acquisition, and Alicia was very specific about avoid law enforcement, especial anything that would attract the attention of federal agents.

Mac parked his car a few blocks from the address, and cautiously made his way to the address the abandoned parking garage. After meticulously checking the first three above ground floors and finding nothing, his persistence somewhat paid off on the fourth and highest floor. Mac found a very out of place metal lock box bolted to the floor in the corner of the lot. It was empty and unlocked, though fairly recently used. Mac also found a laptop battery on a tire in the wheel well of an old junker on the top floor. He then headed back to ground floor. He opened and checked the elevator shaft before deciding to use the stairs to delve lower into the complex. Mac found nothing of interest in the fourth basement, and proceeded down to the B2.

He cautiously and quietly opened the fire door to B2, to find the floor covered in blood, and a woman with a flashlight looking at a man a few feet away with a cell phone out. The woman began panicking, and stammered, “who are you? did you do this? please don’t come any closer!” Seabass calmly tried to explain that he came to see what was happening, but was unable to calm the woman down, and she dialed 911. After the woman managed to blurt out that there was a murder and she was in an old parking garage in South Philly, Seabass advanced, trying to get the phone from the woman. This is when Mac made his presence known and punched Seabass squarely in the face. When Seabass didn’t let go, Mac pulled his mac-10 and pointed it at the other man. Seabass reacted by turning so the woman was between the two of them. In the struggle, the woman was able to free herself and run hysterically up the ramp toward the ground floor.

As both men realized law enforcement would soon be present, Mac while Seabass tried to grab some pictures with his phone before following. In the stairwell Mac hastily tried to clean off the blood from his boots, before continuing up the stairs. Mac arrived at the ground floor in time to see a Crown Victoria pulling up in front of the garage, and the woman bolt the opposite direction, out the side of the garage and down an ally. Mac pried the elevator doors open, and leapt onto the cable letting the doors slide shut behind him.

After stumbling a bit on the stairs in the dark, Seabass made it to ground floor in time to hear two men with flashlights get out of the car parked out front, and begin entering the garage. Seabass stealthily hoped out the opposite side of the garage and poked his head out into the street to see the unmarked Crown Vic. Seabass tried to sneak up to the car to see if it was equipped with a dashboard camera, but accidentally attracted the attention of the officers inside the building. Seabass retreated back toward the ally while brandishing his gun in an attempt to slow the police down.

While this was happening, Mac emerged from the elevator shaft on the second floor and hopped down into the ally in pursuit of the mystery woman. As he began running down the ally, mac rounded the corner from the street and began pursuing Mac/fleeing the authorities. While running down the ally, Mac spotted a young woman, too well dressed to be a vagrant, in a dumpster. Mac stopped to pull the woman out and yell to the officers about her, before continuing the pursuit/fleeing with Seabass.

After a few blocks of running, the duo were confident they had both lost their quarry and their pursuers. The two had a bit of an argument about professionalism and both tried in vain to learn something about the other before Seabass received two more texts from the 555 number saying “I woke up in an ally being interviewed by police, though I had a professional coming to help” and “Papa Frita’s. 12:30. Bring your friend.” It took some convincing, but Seabass talked Mac into joining him at Papa Frita’s, and supplying the ride.

The two made their way to Mac’s car, and then headed to Papa Frita’s near Center City. Seabass met the owner, Jak Irrelivante, and accidentally ordered an absurd amount of food while the two awaited their meeting. No one ever came, but while the two exchanged pleasantries, a man in a booth across the room who looked strangely like Mike Tomlin, kept giving the duo strange looks, though he remained on the phone the whole time, while the two he dined with seemed occupied with each other. On his way back from the restroom, Mac felt obligated to inform the man that “it was a twoosie.” The man replied, “you smell like blood” in a very disapproving manner. Shortly thereafter, Seabass received another series of texts, this time from a number he could reply to. They told him his friend checked out, and that Seabass would need to return to the garage to retrieve two cameras that the texter had left.

After stopping for a quick drink at Paddy’s Irish Pub, Mac and Seabass returned to the garage , via opposite sides,to find the crown vic, the officers, and the corpse all missing, with plenty of blood remaining. Again, Seabass’s EVP recorder began to pick up the crying when he entered the structure. The two retrieved the gopros with no difficulty, then had a quick look around. Mac found a wooden crate full of brand new looking sledgehammers and a fist-sized metal device made of gears that was absurdly cold to the touch, even through gloves and considering it was 25 degrees out. Seabass found a gear, about an inch in diameter, that was similarly cold. Mac headed out, while Seabass took several more photos of the area and did one more quick sweep of the area. Seabass then retrieved his car, met with Mac to receive the camera, and the two parted ways after exchanging phone numbers (but not names) and the understanding that they would meet the next day.

Mac met with his superior and Seabass contacted a contact, though neither meeting is yet fit for the adventure log, as secrets abound. Both meetings cast doubt on the cops who arrived being legitimate cops.

The two reconvened at Paddy’s Irish Pub early that evening, and had a somewhat hostile exchange with the waitress/bartender. Mac and Seabass then gave their names, and opened up a little bit about their respective, and similar pasts. They also both exchanged pictures and recording of the garage from the night before. Everything that had been recorded in the basement of the garage had absolutely no trace of the gore that covered the floor, and any pictures or video pointed at where the body had been revealed only a young girl sitting on her legs, and facing away from the camera, even from opposing angles taken simultaneously. Seabass said he had something that he needed to show Mac in person, and the two headed back to the garage.

Upon arrival, the two remarked that the garage did not look like an official crime scene, and both expressed doubt that the officers who arrived last night were actual police. Mac spotted tracks coming out of the garage that ended at the curb that looked like they came from some kind of cart or dolly. As they entered, Seabass revealed his EVP recorder to Mac, and showed him the sound of the girl crying. The two headed down to the basement to find that the blood had been hastily cleaned up, and the crate of hammers removed. Mac attempted to communicate with the crying girl, asking why she was so sad. She said that she didn’t want to be stuck here anymore, and that she was stuck here by “the bad people”. After the brief moment of lucidity, the girl resumed sobbing, and didn’t say anything else, despite the new cell’s continued questions.

On their way out of the garage, Mac contacted his superior, but was cutoff by her irritation that Mac wasn’t watching the news. Using his mobile, Mac found out that there had been another, very similar murder to the one the cell witness the aftermath of last night, and that it had occurred not long ago, behind a Wawa just a few blocks away…

XP: 3
PXP: 3

Quote of the night: "How can she have that many backs? – Mac Hawken

Chemical Logic - Prologue
Setting the Stage

It is the end of January, 20X1. The past few months have seen some major events both public, and very private.

The year 20XX was not good to Philadelphia, with two high profile serial killer cases. From May to July, a killer known as The Calculator had the city in his grip, having murdered 8 known victims during his spree. At each crime scene, the killer had left a wall of strange (and some say, non-euclidian) mathamatical formulae, with no discernable pattern. His reign ended seemingly by chance when a shootout broke out in the basement of the West Bridge Hospital. Officially, the event was deemed a terrorist attack, but there are rumors amonsgt the city’s Vigilant that it was a cell of hunters who put the killer down.

From September untill late December, a group the media dubbed The Bible Beaters killed 25 individuals, with no publicized pattern. All of their victims were blugeoned to death with what were likely sledge hammers, and all the crime scenes where littered with scraps of paper from Bibles. The last known killing was on Sunday, December 19th, when the Beaters hit 6 victims at once. The murders then stopped, with no arrests. Though the media hype would last a few more weeks, with no fresh blood, public interest quickly waned after the new year.

Vigilant hunters would also be aware that on the morning of November 1, Laural View Cemetery, a very old, and no longr actively used cemetery, was found completely emptied of bodies, about a month after there were police reports of a large explosion originating from the cemetery. The story made the local news rounds the morning of November 1, but never gained much traction, and were quickly forgotten.

On the shadier side of the news, one Network Zero member, going by the alias ShockTreatment has been working dilligently in Philladelphia, having come to the city after the Laural View incident. He managed to provide a few images of empty graves that he claimed are from Laural View, but says “The G-Men have that place locked down tighter than Area 51, it’ll probably be a while before I can get more.”

ShockTreatment also claims to have met, and worked with one of the hunters responsible for taking down the Bible Beaters. According to ShockTreatment’s his source claims the Beaters were a cult who worshiped and took orders from an angel, and that they referred to themselves as The Holy Paladins of Saint George. The source also claims that the media don’t know about all the murders, and that some that have been publicized were just collateral damage. All told, there were 22 relevant ones, and the source’s cell stopped them right before the 23rd killing. Supposeldy this 23rd killing would have “unleashed hell on Earth”.

ShockTreatment’s most recent investigations have been into the citing of “ghost owls” around Philladelphia. A week ago, ShockTreatment posted a shaky video of some rocks floating in mid air, followed by what sounded like an explosion in the distance. The audio is then overwhelmed by owl hoots, before the camera rapidly looks up in time to see about a dozen sets of yellow eyes looking down from the tree canopy. What seems to be the camera’s light is activated, and all signs of owls, visual and audo, vanish. A Man’s voice is then heard saying “What are you doing here?” and the clip ends. The clip was posted with the comment “Ghost Owls messing with gravity, psychos in the park trying to blow up hookers, and it’s 10 damn degrees outside.”

A Rude Awakening

Storyteller note: December came and knocked the group’s rhythm off a bit, and my updateability off quite a bit. We picked up in January and have been quite active (and even added a new member) the past 2 months, justt not with site updates. This then, is the begining of the day by day recap.

A mere hour after the cell retired for the night, and mere minutes after Dyana had fallen asleep she was awakened by the sound of Denise’s pager. After getting a too-quick nap, Dy, Susan, and Abby made thier way to Torment for an early morning meeting with the club’s Manager.

The cell was sent through the club’s considerable security measures before being sent back to Denise. On thier way they passed the cleanup of the scene they had observed the prior night.

Denise welcomed the cell into her office before the accusations started flying. Denise showed the cell footage of the cell in the backstage area assaulting a paton at the time of the explosion. The cell pleaded their case convincingly enough that Denise offered them a single chance. If the cell could learn who was responsible in the next 48 hours, they’d be off the hook. Denise handed over a copy of the security footage and the cell took their leave.

Shortly after the girls departed, Denise left the club and got in her car, which Max had been waiting in the back seat of. Max, identity largely concealed, sprang into action and made it abundantly clear that Denise should tread carefully. Denise, exasperatedly unphased, told her assailent that he best be careful himself. Max disapeared and regrouped with the rest of the cell at the abby.

Susan and Abigail put their feelers out to their contacts and Abby got to work disecting the security footage. While the chemically cheery Abby worked on, the rest of the cell rested, ate, and prepared for the coming night. Abby eventually managed to extract the assailant’s face and run it through police databases using Susan’s contacts.

While waiting for word back on the mystery assailant, the cell decided to check out Fairmont Park, another locale in which they had tangled with explosive using hunters. What they found instead were the sounds of screaming and fleeing, and Dyana’s one time associate, Gabriel Obediah Daniels. The hunters all set out after the fleeing footsteps. Shortly before reaching the edge of the park, the cell caught up to the running figure, only to discover a half dead remnant of one of the Bible Beaters. The hunters managed to take down the zombie Beater after a protrected and horrible smelling fight. Gabe and the cell made proper introductions before leaving the scene.

On the way back to their vehicles, the cell encountered a woman who looked like she had just been beaten, walking dazedly around in the cold with nothing more on than a dress and shoes. The girls tended to her and the cell decided to take her in. They brought her back to the abby and had her tended to, while the wounded headed to Dr. Home.

Susan recieved word from her police contacts that the mystery assailant had been a petty criminal in New York until recently. Abby used this information and her Network 0 contacts to learn of a fanatical group of vampire hunters who had recently been driven out of New York City. The cell joined up at The Samedi’s Hat for a quick conversation with Jake, which yeilded the other hunters’ whereabouts: St. Agrippena’s Church of the Sanctuary.

The cell updated Denise of their status, but were given nothhing for thier effort.

The cell returned to the abby to find that it had been assaulted from within, by the girl they had just left. All told, the attack left 5 members of the staff dead, most of which had to be killed again after they had risen and joined the attack on the staff.

The cell tracked the fleeing dead woman across the street, as she tried to break in a window behind the neigbor’s house. The more martial members of the cell quickly put down the dead woman as Abby filmed.

As all calmed down, Susan called her police contacts to both clean up and keep things quiet, as the cell loaded up the deader girl to be taken to Dr. Home.

The Trouble With Clubbing

Participants: entire cell.

Max and Abby rushed to join Susan and Dy at Torment, while the latter girls sought to get lost in the crowd while gathering a bit of intel. Max and Abbby found their way up the club’s fire escape and in through a rather strong fire door. Their entrance was a fire escape for the sections of catwalks above the club’s lighting. The two crept along the walkways to descend into a sort of backstage area, which lead deeper into the club.

Meanwhile, Dy and Susan were using Dy’s thermal goggles to spot and seduce a vampire. The club was supprisingly full of the cold-dead, so the duo were able to take their pick. The two swelected an attractive woman in a simple black dress. Susan’s advances worked wonders to convince the dead woman to. Come back to the back stage area, where Max and Abby were waiting.

Susan went to work on getting the dead woman into a vulnerable enough position to be drugged or otherwise subdued, before she could achieve this however, an explosion rocked the main hall while the dance floor became alight with panic. In that moment of distraction the cell’s quarrry escaped up the ladder to the lighting area with amazing speed.

With the club rapidly emptying, and bouncers expediting this, the cell headed outside, but quickly escaped the throngs being herded together for the coming police. The cell spread out and observed the werehouse turned nightclub. After the emergency services began to depart, three seperate cars dropped of well dressed men who quickly entered the club without the chance to be closely observed.

The cell resolved to reinfiltrate the club in persuit of these mysterious visitors. Dy, Abby, and Susan entered through the top floor, while Max remained on the roof. The interlopers were spotted scrambling along the lighting rigs,and several bouncers were headed the the back stage area with the ladder. Dy, Susan, and eventually Visanthe were able to subdue the large men, with only one bouncer sustaining fatal injuries.

Meanwhile Abbigail crossed the lighting and crawled into a duct that was suspiciously open. After a bit of crawling, she encountered a raven in the vents, not far from a vent open to the outside. The raven scuttle away from Abby while she followed. The bird led her in a circle before coming to the open vent itself and flying off.

Downstairs, the girls went deeper into the club to find stairs down to a basement. They went down and found a very secure door with a keypad lock. They did not see the camera however, and 3 more bouncers were quickly dispatched. The two managed to defend themselves without too much trouble. Dy hacked the lock and cracked the door just enough to thermal scope the room. Inside were Denise, a man the cell had seen the bouncers beating before they were caught, and the three suited men. The suits were all cold as the grave, Denise and the bound man were not.Dy and Abby briefly entertained the idea of assaulting the room, before deciding discretion was the better part of valor. The entire cell regrouped at the fire escape before slipping into the night.

Down and Dirty

Participants: Danials, Eckerly, Weatherfor-Smithfield, James

The scene starts with the nascent cell’s descent into the sewers below Fairmont Park. After a bit of an incedent heading down a slippery slope that resulted in Max and Dy eatting shit, the group tracked their blunt-object-carrier to a path that lead through the sewage. While deciding what to do, they spotted a rat the size of a large dog that showed signs of advanced decay. It seemed rather spooked. The cell then split up. Dy and Max followed the hammer carrier while Abby and Susan persued the rat.

Dy and Max’s path led to sewage and more questions, while Subigail descended deeper into the sewers. Tracking the rat thing lead eventually to maze apparently intentionally man made. After about an hour, the girls came to an apparent end to the maze, in the form of a t-intersection. To the right was a tunnel going up at an extreme angle with water coming down it. Rather than venture up the tunnel. Rather than risk getting coated in raw sewage, the pair decided to investigate the other fork.

Down that path was a small room dug from the dirt containing a bed, a dresser, and a nightstand. Oh, ad a giant zombie-rat. The rat seemed at least as fightened as the hunters. An attempt to capture the large beast only result in it escaping back into the labrynth.

During the girls’ escapades, Max and Dy tracked through the maze, catching up to Susan and Abby shortly after the rat’s departure. The cell briefly investigated the hovel long enough for Dy to realize she had been there before, and that they needed to leave before its owner returned.

While the rest of the cell was still recuperating, Abby checked out the park once more, during the daylight this time. She found no owls, but she did come across someone following her. When she turned to investigate, the figure fled. Abby was unsuccessful in catching the figure but escaped safely.

The cell regrouped at the Abbey to contact contacts and do some planning. After getting some info, the group decided to make one last stop. They headed to St. Jude’s Hospital to meet Dr. Home. He, in his usual charming way, let Dy know that he was aware that Dy was not a member of VALKYRIE, and that Hank had requested she get in touch with him over Walter’s dissappearance. Home gave Dy another copy of the lupine tracking software to replace that which wa lost in the sewer.

The cell followed the tracker’s weak signal to Rex’s Pawn Shop. Rex provided a possible name for the wolfman, James, and noted he purchased a large gun. The cell also checked a nearby Wawa for information, but came up with nothing. The signal started becoming more specific, and moving toward the park. The cell hopped in Susan’s Escalade and began rapid persuit. The wolfman’s signal moved rapidly out of the park and across the city, just as the cell arrived at the park. Max and Abby remained at the park, while Susan and Abby took off in the suv, chasing the tracker bleep.
While the other girls chased a dot on a cellphone, Abby and Max set up serveilance in the park. Max spotted that someone else spotted Abby, and Max moved to intercept. There was a brief tussel that resulted in the interloper being wounded severely. The fight ended when a woman with a gun demanded her companion back. There was a brief verbal exchange before the two mystery folks departed. Little to no information moved from one side to the other before the confrontation ended.

Meanwhile, Dy helped navigate the radar bleep to its destination, an industrial club called Torment. At Dy’s behest, the girls broke into the back of the club and sneaked their way to the back of the bar. The girls tossed a big bottle of distraction into the crowd, while the girls vaulted the bar and dissapeared into the crowd . . .


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