The Flickering Chronicles

Collateral Damage
Where it All Begins . . . Again

Participants: Abigail James, Dyanna Daniels, Max Eckerly, Susan Rosemary Weatherfor-Smithfield

It was a cold Sunday. Near the end of January, overcast and threatening to snow on the slush covered Philladelphia.

Dy had been stalking a wolfman for about a week, when she finally got a decent bead on his wherabouts. She followed him to Fairmont Park, only to be spotted at the entrance. Unbeknownst to Dy, Susan Weatherfor-Smithfield had also been stalking the wolfman to repay a fellow Abby member. Susan, to avoid detection by her fellow stalker, then fell back to tailing Dy, with little clue as to either the wolfman or her fellow hunter’s identity. Dy made her way carefully into the park with Susan not far behind.

Shortly thereafter, Max Eckerly entered the same park tracking a dead man with a hammer that supposedly had magical properties. In truth, he was more tracking the hammer than the dead man. His trail led him off the path and into the woods.

By amazing coincidence, Abigail James had been investigating rather odd ‘ghost owl’ activity in Philly, which led her to Fairmont Park. With recording equipment in hand, she bodly entered the park and steered a little way off the path, following the faint sound of the owls.

From deeper in the woods the sound of a large impact against a tree was heard, followed by an explosion. Seperately, each hunter made their way toward the sounds. Dy was first on the scene, with Susan following closely behind. The two ladies met over the strange scene before them. Bits of tree were singed, and a swath of snow had been melted exposing bare ground. Amidst the wreckage was a person, mangled, bleeding horribly, likely dying. Despite the situation, the two ladies made quick aquantences as Eckerly came running to the scene. Abigail managed to remain hidden for a few moments before exposing herself and some of her intent to her fellow hunters. While all of this was happening the sounds of owls could be heard intensifying.

Before the newly forming cell could finish introducing themselves, footsteps were heard moving rapidly away, and the hunters gave chase. Dyanna managed to use the shaft of her trident to taked down one of the two fleeing, while Max impaled one’s knee with his spear. When Susan and Abigail caught up, Susan drugged Dy’s victim who promptly passed out. Meanwhile, Max patched up his victim while the poor man passed out.

The group decided that staying in the park would be a bad idea, especially as the owls had reached a fevered pitch that required shouting to communicate over. The cell loaded the bodies into Susan’s SUV and they headed for the Abby’s local safehouse.

Upon arrival, the two prisoners were shackled, and the one with the bad knee was awakened. The newly formed cell bonded by using some enhanced interrogation techniques, which among other things, involved Susan partially skinning the drugged captive’s chest.

The only information gleaned is that the two men being tortured were likely fellow hunters who had been stalking a dead man. The mangled body at the scene of the explosion had been one of thiers. The cell decided to have the awakened man killed, while the drugged, skinned man could be released. Left with a red rose as an appology.

The cell returned to the park to further investigate and get everyone back to their vehicles. Returning to the scene of the explosion, they found two things had changed. The mangled body was nowhere to be seen, and animal prints were seen leading from the point of detonation deeper into the park. The cell followed the prints right up to the park’s large, brick, outer wall before discovering the prints just stopped. The cell shimmied up the wall and very thoroughly investigated the area, finding no evidence of the crature’s passing after the prints stopped.

While the cell pondered their next move, a woman’s scream was heard back within the park. The hunters raced back toward the sound to find a woman (likely a hooker) with her face blugeoned in by a small surface with a beveled edge. The cell followed the prints from the area deeper into the park. The prints stopped at a small stream just before it passed under a small foot bridge. Under the bridge were thick, sturdy metal bars, and beyond the bars the sound of running footsteps in shallow water could be heard fading into the distance.

Seeing no other course of action, Dy transformed into her large demonic form in order to smash through the bars. After the bars were no longer an issue, Dy transformed wearily back to her regular self. The scene faded as the cell adventured into the sewers.

XP: 5
PXP: 11

Quote of the night: “At what point does a swath become swarthy?” – Brian.

Too Quiet...

January 5th, 20XX+1

Happy freakin New Year.

It has been a hell of a couple weeks. Walter has gone A.W.O.L. Not that I care. I’m sick of this roller coaster ride, and to be quite frank, he wasn’t good for me. My mind was on him, not on the job, which put us both at risk. Deep down I still blame Jack Malone…He messed up Walter bad. Walter saw some shit that most people would never see in their lives…and continued to see it, every night. It’s no wonder he was a broken vessel.

But that’s the cost of the Vigil. Some of us don’t make it out with our minds in tact. Others just don’t make it out.

I’m not worried. One candle sputters, and is extinguished…another is lit. Such is the way of things. Some other Candle carriers will come along. Until then, I’ll just do what I do best…hunt the creatures of the night.

And really, who is better equipped for a lone vigil? I can make any man (and more women than you would expect) bend to my whim…and my fangs carry a lethal dose of venom unexpected in such a sweet, sugar coated wrapping. I can handle this. I can handle this.

Since the departure of the closest thing to a man in my life, I’ve been forced to start doing things myself. The first thing that I did was reproduce Walter’s work with the glasses, but made myself a pair of night vision glasses. This girl is well equipped and stylish. I’ve spent hours laboring over my weapons, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that my axe is as sharp as the devil himself. And my trident isn’t too shabby either ;-)

Next I worked on the security around this place. I have it all wired through the Microsoft table and the big screen…which also feeds into my room. If something MOVES anywhere near this house, I know it. And It’s a weird sense of accomplishment…I used to rely on men to do this dirty work…and I used to think that I needed protecting. Both things have been replaced. I can say that I am self-reliant (as long as Daddy keeps sending my money ;-) ) The point is, I don’t need a man showing up and screwing things up for me…I got a pretty great deal going on here.

No word from Denise. No activity at Forbidden Fruit. All is quiet on the Western Front. And that makes me nervous. It is always quiet just before the storm…and that is why I condition myself…the yoga, the muy-thai, the weapon smithing, the drinking, the techno-crafting, the drinking…I am ready for the storm.

Even as I write this, the hackles on the back of my neck are standing. Something is coming. And like I said…I will be ready.

But until then, party it up, right? You’ve only got one life, no sense worrying about the end of the world :-D Life is too short, so love the one you got. You might get run over, or you might get shot.
Til next time, keep your candles burning. :-)

<3 D

C&S - The Raging Climax

Walt and Dyana (Sophie had since departed to focus on her studies) got a tip from Hank that the FBI had some information on the Bible Beaters, and went ahead and set up a meeting for the cell.

Captain Chambers of VaSCU met with the cell and directed them to a former agent, Detective Franklin Kim. Following the loss of his cell to the Driver Kim went missing, and the FBI had reason to believe he continues his crusade against serial killers, albeit with less legal methods. The captain directed the cell to where they could find him, a horrible dilapidated neighborhood.

The cell investigated, homing in on a likely building. The place was condemned and boarded up, and booby trapped to boot. The cell managed to avoid a few traps, but managed to fall for one of the nastier ones. When the cell encountered Kim, there was a brief confrontation that was defused by the cell’s uncharacteristic honesty, and Kim’s overdeveloped sense of empathy.

Detective Franklin divulged that he had, in fact been killing killers for some time now, and that the Bible Beaters were his current quarry. Kim told them of a church he had seen them using, but had been unable to assault, for fear of their number advantage. The crew thanked Kim and asked that he help them find the Beaters, but Kim feared working with the Men in Black, knowing of their implanted tracking chips.

Oswaldt also made a brief appearance to inform the cell that the Beaters have a weakness to blessed gold, and that their ritual was nearing completion as the 23rd victim was next. Oswaldt speculated that it may need to be someone of demon’s blood. He offered no eplanation for having this knowledge. This lead the cell to knock off a few churches in search of just that. It was morally questionable, but Walter and Dyana had little other choice.

The cell investigated the church that Kim had directed them to, only to find an older priest named Fr. Alexander Graves. Walt had tagged a Beater earlier with the etheric tracker, and using that, Walt could clearly see this man had been tagged. The cell rapidly dispatched Fr. Graves in his own bedroom before he was able to mount any sort of meaningful defense. Just when the cell began to question the decision to flat out kill Graves, the largest of the Beaters smashed into the room to put up a rather protracted battle. While the cell started on the larg Beater, another Beater walked into the room while robing himself, leaving his face exposed. It was the face of Reno, onetime cell member, and disciple to the Malleus Mallificarum. Reno darted back out into the hall and Walt gave chase while Dy stayed to deal with the large one. Reno ambushed Walt and left him on the brink of death. Reno ran for the door and bolted across the parking lot while Walt was able to drag himself to the door and get a shot of the tracker into Reno. Meanwhile, Dy slugged it out with her over sized contender and eventually managed to overcome her foe and come to Walt’s aid.

Oswaldt appeared and offered to make the cell’s problems go away for basically nothing. The cell creeped off to lick their wounds (or rather drink them away). The cell awoke with messages from their respective leaders. Hank scolding Walt for burning down the church, which was deduced that Oswaldt did, while Arthas provided insight into the nature of the ritual being preformed. Arthas theorized the ceremony was some sort of unbinding, and that it would need to preformed at the site of the bound being. He also postulated that the ‘cult’ Sophie’s sister was caught up in may have been a group of hunters who had bound the being in the first place.

The cell set out to try to track Reno’s signal. They found that he had gone underground, and climbed down to consult with Sewer Billy. Billy Confirmed that the Beater had been through, but could offer no real direction on where he may gone, other than ‘through the Undercity’. The cell tried to follow his path through the labyrinthine tunnels, but were thwarted by a very lifelike gargoyle.

After nightfall, the cell decided to head for the parking garage, figuring that to be the site of the unbinding. Walt and Dy hid themselves in the garage in advance of the Beaters arriving, planning an ambush on the as yet-undetermined number of remaining Beaters.

The Beaters, three strong now, eventually came to the garage while dragging a bound Bonnie McCoy down with them. The cell rapidly dispatched two of the beaters in a brief scuffle, leaving Walter, Dyana, Reno, and Bonnie. From out of nowhere came the brown suited figure seen in garage several times before, but now his face was obscured. It was Oswaldt. His brown hair and suit changed into their blond and white counterparts before the cells eyes, provoking a reaction from the cell and Reno alike. After a flurry of questions, George Oliver Oswaldt Bartholomew Edward Richard revealed that he was merely assisting the little girl bound to the garage, and that all he stood to gain was enjoyment from the violence that had been precipitated on the way. The small crying girl, appeared from the shadows and began caressing Bonnie’s head, much to Mrs. McCoy’s terror. Oswaldt offered to let the cell join the Beaters, they could help Reno finish the ceremony, or just kill Reno and take his place. While the cell took an aside to contemplate their answer, Reno began dragging Bonnie toward her shackles on the wall.

This prompted the cell to lash out, and utterly destroy Reno. They each needed to swing their large crucifix only one, and Reno was finished. Once they looked around, they realized that Oswaldt was standing next to the shackled Bonnie, calmly awaiting the cell’s answer. When the cell tried to denounce the Beaters as monsters, Oswaldt inquired that what, in the grand scheme of things, made Walter and Dyana’s murders any better than those of the Beaters. The cell found themselves at a loss, but ultimately decided to free Bonnie and walk away. They were surprised when Oswaldt simply let them leave, acknowledging that they were sure to continue their killing, and that they were far more enjoyable alive. The small demon child was greatly dissapointed, but powerless to to do anything. The cell gave Bonnie a good dose of Munin serum, took her home, and decided that it was time for a vacation.

C&S December Catch Up
Only 666 Shopping Days Till Xmas . . .

After Dyana’s last Diary entry, the cell attended Dr Henry McCoy’s social gathering. Sadly, it seemed as though their drinks had been spiked. And both Dyana and Walter were on the floor in no time. They awakened in what appeared to be part of Forbidden Fruit. It appeared as such due to the leashed fighting-monster in front of them. They were also tripping bawls, from what they could tell. A mysterious woman spoke to the cell, always keeping her back toward Walt and Dyana, and told them he would let the cell live in exchange for the Bible Beaters. The cell agreed, and before losing consciousness, Dyana witness the strange woman melt into the floor, though weather it actually happened or was an effect from the drugs, none can be sure. This has earned the woman the nickname “The Melting Lady”.

The cell put serious surveillance on the Beaters’ parking garage, which yielded much information, but little knowledge. It appears the Beaters meet a man in a business suit who is otherwise cloaked in shadow. There is also a disembodied voice of a little girl interfering with surveillance equipment. The voice asked the cell to get rid of a man in a suit who comes by every night. So far the cell has met with little success in determining who the man may be.

Also of note is the Cell’s newest member, Sophie. Sophie is a college student (at Drexel?) whome the cell happened across in their investigation of the Beaters. It turns out Sophie’s sister had been wrapped up in a cult that met in the garage the Beaters so loved to frequent. Shortly after meeting Sophie, the cell helped Sophie with her cannibalistic professor (who may have been a victim of the ghost-owls).

With Dyana and Sophie unknown by Denise Wendig, the cell once again began investigation of Torment. From the inside, with their new technological edge, Sophie and Dyana were able to recognize the presence of several walking corpses within Torment. The cell tracked one such corpse and her still living companion to the Laural Hill Cemetery, overlooking the Schuylkill. Investigation of the cemetery when Sophie was told to leave the cemetery, and she complied unquestioningly.

Dyana's Diary 2
What a Rockin' Weekend

Dyana’s Diary


What a rockin’ weekend! Happy birthday to me, first and foremost….haha. It was probably the most memorable birthday to date…save for my 23rd…but that’s a loooong and somewhat sketchy story. Saturday Walter and I went to a very nice dinner, and we got to talk. Ya know, like really talk. I figured I kinda scared him off a bit with the whole “OMG! You’re a gigantic deamon!” during the previous session with the beaters, so we kinda hashed that out. It wasn’t easy, given that his mind is so analytical. I’d just like to note the irony in a man who is so scientific/analytical makes more comments about blowing things up than anyone else I’ve fought alongside. After hearing some horror stories of how things went before I got here, I guess it’s pretty easy to see why his mind goes to the simplest way of resolving a problem. That’s okay, I’m really whupping these boys into shape…and by boys, I mean Walter, because we haven’t seen Gabriel in some time. And to be fair, I wouldn’t finger the blame for their haphazard hunting style on Walter. This Jack guy seems like a trip…I’d say that the group shaping up had as much to do with him leaving as it had me showing up. ANYWAY…yeah, I really think we made some break throughs at dinner…although I still think he is threatened by a strong woman like myself.

And OMG, I was touched by his gift. Any other guy that has given me a gift has always been so shallow…the gift anyway. Well…most of the guys were too. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but when she has a crowded room of best friends, it’s not the best gift. I was expecting a nice watch, or a necklace, you know, the kind of thing I’d wear once, and then put it to the back of the dresser. But he shocked me by actually making me a Grappling hook gun! I know, right?! How sweet is that? Functional and thoughtful. Did NOT see that coming. I’m beginning to think that Walter may not be as simple as I thought, but much more complex. Or maybe I’m just seeing things in him that aren’t there.

So after dinner, we headed out to the club. No, we weren’t dancing-we were hunting. And same as last week, the results were nill. So before we packed it in, we decided to check out the parking garage, just on a hunch. Women’s intuition should never be doubted. At about four A.M., after watching some of the tapes while monitoring the live feed, we noticed a hobo stumble in and get clocked by a Bible Beater. That’s when we made our move. We came, we saw, we kicked It’s ass. Haha. But seriously, that fucker came out of nowhere and nearly separated my shoulder blades…from my body. The weird thing is Walter had his gun…which had some sort of technologic upgrade…I dunno…anyway, he had his gun trained on me, watching my ass when the Beater smashed me. Well, maybe not watching my ass, but I wouldn’t put it past him. He says he didn’t see anything until after I got clocked. We watched the tapes after the fact, and saw him (the Beater) walk up and line up his shot. Odd. Anyway, he’s lucky he got that shot in, because the rest of the fight was downhill. I stabbed him with the Trident…which works wonderfully, thanks to Vis and Walter helping me out with it. He dropped like a sack of…well sledgehammers. Then Walter was there in an instant, filling him with some hot lead. Ironically, it was Vis who finished him off, thanks to his perseverance. The Beater was definitely outrunning both Walter and I, but Vis hitched a ride, and finished the job.

Here’s another thinker: this guy looked like your average Joe…save for Trident wounds and gun shot wounds. He didn’t look remarkable in the least, like a kid…well, not a kid, maybe a guy around my age, who picked up a bible and a sledgehammer and just started killing. It’s weird the way our business works like that. One second your pumping a twelve foot tall wolf with silver in the gut, the next there is a naked man laying in front of you-dead- by your hands. It’s a real mind fuck. That’s why I find comfort in alcohol. It keeps my thinking clouded enough that nothing makes sense. Haha. But seriously…total mindjob. We later went back to the garage, to try and find another Beater. We came up empty, but there was…something there. A disembodied voice of some sort. Here’s the thing: Walter scanned the area with his ethereal goggles…and found nothing. Really creepy. Vis claimed he didn’t hear it…but he may just be fucking with me. He likes to do that sometimes. Plus I think he is threatened by how close Walter and I are becoming. Ironically enough, I think Walter is threatened by how close Visanthe and I are…hmmmm…Men. We did end up finding a box of sledge hammers in the garage…so we’re pretty sure they were using it as some sort of a base of operations. We’ll continue to survey the area.

I can definitely see a change in myself. After downing the Beater, we looted him, and I snatched up the Bible. I perused it myself, finding nothing remarkable, but I wanted to send it to Arthus at the least, if not Milan, to have it checked out. But for some reason, I felt…indebted to Walter…and his organization. They are letting me use their Sneaking Suit, so I felt compelled to let them have first crack at the Bible, knowing full well that they wouldn’t make heads or tails of it, and that WE were better suited to figure it out. But I let him take it anyway. I was going to straight up give it to him, until he acted like a dick head. Fucking prick. Ooooh…GOD I hate men sometimes. Even though I am a strong and tough girl, I still have feelings. Guys just don’t seem to see that sometimes. Sometimes with Walter it feels like it’s One step forward, three steps back.

After the Beaters took out five more doctors Sunday night, we ended up swinging by Dr. McCoy’s and seeing if maybe we could get something out of him. He stiffed us, so either he is REALLY good at lying, or he has no clue what he is doing. He ended up inviting us to his soiree on Thursday night, so we could talk to other doctor’s about this whole thing. I’m worried that it may turn into one huge orgy like usual. It could be a bit awkward…on a lot of levels. Especially since I kinda, maybe kissed Walter. It was in the heat of the moment after killing the beater…while downing a Martini. So I blame the endorphins and the booze. Still…wasn’t awful. We haven’t said anything about it. Which is probably for the best. Still…wasn’t awful.


<3 D

Dyana's Diary 1
Scary Right?

Dyana’s Diary


So I know it’s been a while, but given the events of the past week, I figure it’s as good as time as any to really start collecting my thoughts into some sort of…I dunno…semblance of order, in case the unthinkable were to transpire-IE: me getting disembowled by some creature of the darkness. I think it’s worthy to pass on to my successor the notes that I’ve kept…as well as give them some insight into my mind…

Scary right?

Well…about a week ago-one week and a day to be accurate- Walter, who is a stiff government guy, and Gabriel, who is a stiff religious zealot, got our asses handed to us. We rushed headlong into the parking garage, knowing full well the “bible beaters” –what a cliché name, but that’s the media for ya- had some sort of trap laid. We were not disappointed…we were thoroughly dismantled by these Bible toting crazies. Walter took heavy damage off the get go. He really seems to have a glass jaw, which struck me as odd, as he seemed like the strong silent type. And we were already down a “man”…ugh I hate that term…from the start (not counting Visanthe, who is a viable asset, but proved to be all but useless in this ordeal). From there Gabriel tended to our fallen comrade, mean while I went medieval on their asses, and called upon the Mark of the Beast to try and take their aggression. It worked. All too well. Within a minute, I was at the receiving end of four sledgehammers, all of which were doing significant damage. Now anyone who knows me knows that I am confident in my self, and perhaps over-confident in a lot of ways, but even I knew this was rapidly turning into something I couldn’t handle. Every time I had an opportunity, I had to heal either myself or Walter.

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Thankfully Gabriel had the foresight to put up some sort of magic ward to stop them from gaining access to us, and we lasted the night.

This time.

By morning Gabriel was gone. Who knows if he’ll show up again. Regardless of his affiliations, he was another carrier of the flame, and a welcome addition to the team.

So Walter and I were seemingly back to square one. Oh, and the new Jeep I bought Walter for a Christmas gift was destroyed. Merry Fucking Christmas. And that’s when I think to myself- “Every time I do something nice, it always turns to shit” and I am reminded of how I got this far in the fight in the first place- looking out for numero uno. Conceded? Yeah. Self-absorbed? Who wouldn’t be? If god…or whomever…gave you this body, and this skill, you couldn’t not love yourself just a bit too much.

I digress tho. Walter and I spent the better part of the week planning our next action. And when I say planning, I mean he spent it at his work bench, tinkering with his electronic do-hickeys and I spent it sitting in a hot tub and drinking lots of Martinis.

I think Walter is rubbing off on me. Eww…okay, so I know that sounds dirty, but I totally didn’t intend for the double entendre. Or did I? ;-) But yeah, I’ve started a little workbench of my own across the room from him. I’ve set up my little “base of operations” down there. Working out, Meditating, and working on my custom made weaponry. And he seems oblivious to it all. Whatever. I don’t need his attention…nor is it necessarily welcomed. I dunno…maybe it is. He seems to have brought out the best in me these few short weeks I’ve known him. I’ve really stopped partying, stopped smoking, and only drink…well…I drink a lot. But that comes with the territory. But I’m really starting to settle into this whole “Vigil” thing…and becoming a lot more serious about honing my craft. It’s kinda weird…in a cosmic sort of way.

Woah. How the hell did I get THIS far off track?! Yikes. Time for some Ritalin me thinks!

Any how, the workbench. Yeah, I have set to work modifying my Trident and Axe. The axe required almost a total overhaul, the only things I kept from the original were the blades, which needed to be altered a bit as well. I added a bit more weight on the head, and flattened it, using a lighter polymer to hold it all together. Or so Visanthe told me…he’s been a pretty big help. Anyhow, in short, I’ve maximized the efficacy of it, and have made it more sleek, more aerodynamic, and all around better for my style, which is pole arms. I’ve shortened it a tad, but I don’t think it will suffer. The trident I didn’t really do much to. I swapped out the blades, which were all in a row (o o o) and went with a more…modern design, in which two of the blades flank the third, but the third also juts out in front (or behind, depending on how it is being held), comparable to that of a chopping blade (o o o). I’ve also barbed the blades on the ends. I’m pretty proud of myself, given that I don’t know THAT much about metallurgy…thank god for the internet! I’ve also added quite a bit more weight at the other end, making it a bit unwieldy, but I figure if you use two hands and know how to use a trident, then it will have some great results. Hopefully in the next entry I can give you some field test results.

I guess the week wasn’t a total wash though. We did see the Bible Beaters (on surveillance video) go back to the garage and meet with another figure, who was shadowy. It appears this is their turf, where they choose to bring people for Meet-and-beats. Hopefully we can use this against them.

Alrighty, well, after spilling my guts all over this page, I think I should get ready for dinner. I told Walter he is taking me to a fancy dinner. Maybe this time I can get him to wear a sweet bow tie. Probably not. If it’s not Government Issue, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t touch his body. Wow…I could go a lot of places with that, but I’ll just let imaginations wander. ;-D Ta!

- <3 D

C&S November Recap
Where Wolves?

Walter began November with a stern talking to from Hank. After the crypt explosion, the ghost-owls seemed to have made off with most, if not all, of the bodies in the cemetery, regardless of age. In light of this and the explosion, Hank took Walter off the case and put a cleaner crew on the job. Walter was officially removed from the case.

Jack and Walter decided to investigate the cordoned off cemetery anyway, as Jack was still under orders to investigate the werewolf presence. Law enforcement proved to be a small hassle, while an angry werewolf proved to be a large hassle. With a bit of luck, the cell was able to down the beast and escape further official notice.

Again, the details are hazy here. The cell had a brief, but barely civil meeting with one of the shape changers in Shy’s Kill, a sports bar by the Schuylkill river with suspected wolf ties. The bartender managed to work some sort of mind trick on Walter, causing him to confess one of his deepest secrets to a stranger.

After another investigation at Laural View Cemetery, the cell was ambushed by a small pack of large angry werewolves. Gabriel happened onto the scene of the attack, and saved the rest of the cell quite a bit of pain. The cell felled another beast, forcing the rest into a retreat. That night, Jack Malone decided that he would take his fate into his own hands, and lead the pack away from the cell, and more importantly, his family. Jack has not been heard from since.

After picking up Lucifuge member Dyana Daniels, most of the rest of November was spent in pursuit of the Bible Beaters. Unfortunately, the cell had a far better time tracking the beaters’ victims than the beaters themselves. The beaters seemed to be attacking members of a local school’s PTA Executive Board, and members of a local social club for doctors. Both of these organizations however, were fronts for wild sex parties. While in the public eye the Beaters seemed to be killing good, moral people, they were in reality exterminating groups of sexual deviants. Neither group seemed to delve very deep into depravity, but as targets for a group of religious fanatics, it was starting to make sense. A mysterious German man who referred to himself as Oswaldt appeared from nowhere suggesting the cell further investigate Dr Henry McCoy, then dissapeared and hasn’t been seen again.

Dr. McCoy was discovered to be a member of both groups, as well as a member of a local chapter of the United Way. The UW had a few victims from its roster killed by the Beaters, but not enough to discern a pattern from. Dr. McCoy was also discovered to attend strange sex parties at Forbidden Fruit, an S&M shoppe/club. The catch? These parties feature not just the all out wild orgy action of the smaller clubs, but also spectating violent matches between seemingly manufactured monsters.

By the end of the month, the cell had been lead to a meeting with the Bible Beaters in the basement of a dilapidated parking garage. The meeting was a trap, and the cell just barely survived the encounter. The same could not be said of Walter’s car, however. This encounter did give the cell a lead on the Beaters however, and December would start with a renewed sense of urgency as the Bible Beaters’ death toll climbed ever higher.

C&S October Recap
One Hell of a Halloween.

Due to my own rampant negligence, A large portion of the story went unlogged. Here is my best attempt to pierce the haze of my mind and get something cohesive down.

Denise Wendig offered to make the cell’s police problems go away in return for a favor, the elimination of Charles Wray. Denise had noted earlier that the two were pursuing him, and was interested in having a third party remove him. Denise acknowledged Charles’ undead nature, and pointed the cell toward the sewers.

After a haphazard trip into the lower depths of the city’s sewers, the cell encountered a man made collection of brick tunnels with no apparent application in sewage treatment. A brief exploration of the tunnels yielded the discovery of a small living quarters with one occupant, Sewer Billy. The cell and Billy had a rather standoffish exchange with the large, filth ridden man. While it became apparent that the cell and Billy were not to end up friends, they discovered a mutual dislike of the ‘scum sucker’ dwelling elsewhere in the tunnel system. Billy lead the cell to Wray’s strange dwelling, replete with several alters with matching zombies. After a brief skirmish with some of the undead help, the cell was able to easily stake and destroy the sleeping Wray.

Following this, the cell was given a tip from an anonymous source with startling insight into the cell’s activities. The tip directed the cell to investigate the Laural View Cemetery. Over the course of several night, the cell discovered the activity of at least one pack of shapeshifters, the Ukrainian mafia, and of a large number of strange, ethereal owls. Most of October was spent investigating the cemetery and trying to keep up with the Bible Beaters. Before the month was out, Jack had killed two werewolves, Walter got a ghost-owl, and the cell working together and got one Beater . . . which is how they found out there were more than one Beater. After the Beater attack a strange, large Ukrainian man and his large dog attacked the cell for no reason, beating them into unconsciousness. The Cell awoke in Torment’s basement, with Denise explaining how much the cell owe her.

On Halloween night Walter and Jack sneaked back to Laural View to destroy a particular mausoleum that they had deduced was the source of the wolves’ power. It had been home to a large number of spiders and their webs. Walter rigged the tomb to blow, and the cell vanished into the night, unaware of the chaos erupting in their wake.

Jack's Journal 2
I Fucked Up . . .

Jack’s Journal

1st Weekend in October. 20XX

I Fucked Up…

What the fuck happened? Everything was so promising…we were on the lead to the vampire, we were finally starting to get somewhere, and then all hell broke loose. What happened? I’ll tell you what happened: I fucked up. I Fucked Up. And no matter how many times I say it, i write it, i think it, or i feel it…nothing fills the void…nothing makes the pain go away.

Because of me a well meaning bouncer just doing his job may be dying. Or dead. Because of me a city was panicked. Because of me a man lost his livlihood, and quite possibly could end up in prison. Because of me, my children now has to accept the fact that daddy is crazy. Because of me, I now know pain.

Pain is not having your nose broken. Pain is not the razor sharp claws of a wolf digging your meat from your bones. Pain is not having your essence sucked from you at an alarming rate, helplessly cast aside as a McDonald’s wrapper. Pain is losing everything. Pain is hurting the ones you love. Pain is losing your grip on reality. Pain is losing all hope.

Hope is just a fleck on our rear view mirror as we careen helplessly into the abyss.

How can i fix this? I can’t. There is no amount of spirit cleansing that wash away this guilt…this…eptiness. Because of me dozens of people are hurting. Hundreds more confused, and left bereft of explanation as to why a cop with an iron-cast resolve could let this happen…let alone be the axis of it…allowing it to spin wildly out of control around him.

I’m sorry Walter. You’re life is ruined because I couldn’t hold it together when shit got personal-despite years of training. You are probably the second biggest victim in this…because you were just being a good partner. You didn’t have to help me get answers…but you did. And how are you repaid? Being one of the most wanted men in Philadelphia- how does that sound? More? How about expulsion from your exclusive fraternity? I don’t even know who you represent, but i’m sure they don’t take kindly to their agents winding up on the eleven o clock news. You were just being a good partner-a good man.

I Fucked up.

Joel and Rebecca…neither of the two of you have done anything wrong, and yet because of me you will forever have the stigma of having a madman for a father. And the irony is that i am in command of my faculties. I know what i did…and i know why i did it-to protect the thing nearest and dearest to me. But maybe it’s for the best. If i’m not around, you can lead normal lives, without being the target of bizzare, or malicious attacks. I hope that you will take care of your mother through this. No matter what happens…I will never stop loving any of you.

Jessica…the real light of my life. The flickering candle that was dwindling was the one that I should have paid more attention to- not the one burning brighter and brighter. Because of me you now may lose your source of funds. You now have the burden of raising two children. You now have to lie awake every night, questioning whether the man you married was psychotic-able to do what they told you i did…what i did. Know that i was never crazy….just crazy in love. Maybe at some point i will give you the full story…God i hope so. Not in the hopes that we can reconcile…i don’t expect a goddess like you to take a piece of dirt like me back. But that maybe you’ll see that all i wanted was to protect my family.

I don’t know where we are. I don’t know where I am. I know that the second i am spotted in Philly riot police will jump out of every crevice to take me down. I believe i am a marked man…that my days my be numbered.

Am I worse than the monsters I hunt? Have I become the very thing in life that i despise?

The candle flickers still…growing dimmer every second. How long before the flame is snuffed out?


C&S Chapter 3
Who knows what evil lurks in the clubs of men?

Chapter 3


Participating: Kohen, Malone

The cell decided to try the legal means of obtaining the club’s cooperation. The manager, Denise, was less than helpfull, suggesting that the two would be far better off with a warrant. The two were escorted out. Denise did take down Malone’s personal information and Kohen’s badge information before they departed.

After much deliberation, the cell decided to forcibly enter Torment from the rear. Jack paid a local youth to remove the camera watching the back door. Before the pair could make it to the door, a call from Jack’s wife indicating that the power and phone had been cut off. This stirred the cell to rapidly head toward Malone’s house and advise an evacuation by the family. The pair found two shut off notices, and nothing else. Jack took steps to get his power and phone turned back on with little hassle.

The two decided immediate shakedown was necessary. After a brief verbal exchange with the bouncer watching the back door in lieu of a camera, the pair pounced on the unwitting guard. There was a short but viscous fight resulting in the large bouncer being knocked out. The two made their way into the club, only to be assaulted by two more bouncers, which the cell subdued readily.

The cell ducked into Denise’s office planning to jump her upon her eventual return. Unfortunately, on of the bouncers had gone into shock with no treatment, thus necessitating medical and police intervention.

Denise did eventually make it to her office, coincidentally with a police officer. The officer called for help, despite the pair seemingly cooperating at this point. Malone was already in handcuffs when Walter popped a smoke grenade and dove for the hallway. Jack followed, and a rather frantic chase ensued. The cell managed to escape with very little further collateral damage. Now the cell’s future remains uncertain at best.

XP: 3


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