The Cleaners

Cell of Feds


Song: Architecture of Aggresion by Megadeth


According to Jake, The Cleaners are a cell of federal agents that were called up from Steveland, MD following the incident on Halloween night that resulted in Laural View Cemetery being emptied of corpses. Little else is known about the cell, except that they don’t play well with other hunters, and the whole of Philly’s hunter community seems vary warry of the feds since The Cleaners’ arrival. They are known to also take advantage of Dr. Home’s service.

Physically, The Cleaners are two white males with short, dark hair, and a black, bald man. All appear tobe between 35 and 40 years of age. They tend to wear suits with wool waist coats, and drive a dark blue crown victoria.

The Disavowed recently abducted the Cleaners, and tortured and killed their pparent leader, “Mike”. The surviving members were left bound and drugged in their car by the waterfront.

The Cleaners

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