Network Zero's most prominent presence in Philly.


ShockTreatment’s “public” presence in Philadelphia stretches back only a few months. Network Zero’s presence, or at least effectiveness prior to ST’s arrival was sketchy at best, which says a lot for a group known for putting blurry bigfoot photos on the web.

ShockTreatment’s largest claim to fame is supposedly having met the hunters responsible for taking down the Bible Beaters. He also claims to have worked directly with the cell who took down the group responsible for attempting to blow up Torment and several other locations around the city. According to ST, the “terrorists” were not monsters themselves, but overzealous vampire hunters.

ST’s current investigation was into the “ghost owl” problem which Philadelphia is rapidly becoming famous for amongst ghost hunters. ST’s last post contained a small bit of footage, and the implication that the owls were “screwing with gravity”.

ShockTreatment has recently put out notice on The Secret Network that he could use a bit of help from someone a bit more professional, “and not one of these damn kids with an iphone who thinks he’s a monster hunter.” ST has implied he’s on the cusp of something big, and there’s “fame enough to go around.”



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