Alicia Magnum

Senior Associate Director of Biotech, Keystone Parma LLC.


Alicia is a rare breed. Why she’s excelled in the corporate world is no mystery at all. She clearly has a head for business, is nearly a savant when it comes to business law, and is always, -always, concerned with the bottom line. How she got into the Field Projects Division is anyone’s guess, but it seems like she treats FPD like just another part of the machine. You can almost see her translating every situation into a spreadsheet in her head.

At least you would, if you saw her very often. She’s not one to micromanage, and as long as her underlings preform, she’s more than happy to let them use their discretion. Though she prefers not to work in the field, she is certainly capable of it, and has done so on more than one occasion to “straigten things out.” Her increased concern (or paranoia?) about law enforcement as of late has the whole office on edge, but hey, what you do was never very legal anyway, was it?

Alicia Magnum

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