The Flickering Chronicles


A Rude Awakening

Storyteller note: December came and knocked the group’s rhythm off a bit, and my updateability off quite a bit. We picked up in January and have been quite active (and even added a new member) the past 2 months, justt not with site updates. This then, is the begining of the day by day recap.

A mere hour after the cell retired for the night, and mere minutes after Dyana had fallen asleep she was awakened by the sound of Denise’s pager. After getting a too-quick nap, Dy, Susan, and Abby made thier way to Torment for an early morning meeting with the club’s Manager.

The cell was sent through the club’s considerable security measures before being sent back to Denise. On thier way they passed the cleanup of the scene they had observed the prior night.

Denise welcomed the cell into her office before the accusations started flying. Denise showed the cell footage of the cell in the backstage area assaulting a paton at the time of the explosion. The cell pleaded their case convincingly enough that Denise offered them a single chance. If the cell could learn who was responsible in the next 48 hours, they’d be off the hook. Denise handed over a copy of the security footage and the cell took their leave.

Shortly after the girls departed, Denise left the club and got in her car, which Max had been waiting in the back seat of. Max, identity largely concealed, sprang into action and made it abundantly clear that Denise should tread carefully. Denise, exasperatedly unphased, told her assailent that he best be careful himself. Max disapeared and regrouped with the rest of the cell at the abby.

Susan and Abigail put their feelers out to their contacts and Abby got to work disecting the security footage. While the chemically cheery Abby worked on, the rest of the cell rested, ate, and prepared for the coming night. Abby eventually managed to extract the assailant’s face and run it through police databases using Susan’s contacts.

While waiting for word back on the mystery assailant, the cell decided to check out Fairmont Park, another locale in which they had tangled with explosive using hunters. What they found instead were the sounds of screaming and fleeing, and Dyana’s one time associate, Gabriel Obediah Daniels. The hunters all set out after the fleeing footsteps. Shortly before reaching the edge of the park, the cell caught up to the running figure, only to discover a half dead remnant of one of the Bible Beaters. The hunters managed to take down the zombie Beater after a protrected and horrible smelling fight. Gabe and the cell made proper introductions before leaving the scene.

On the way back to their vehicles, the cell encountered a woman who looked like she had just been beaten, walking dazedly around in the cold with nothing more on than a dress and shoes. The girls tended to her and the cell decided to take her in. They brought her back to the abby and had her tended to, while the wounded headed to Dr. Home.

Susan recieved word from her police contacts that the mystery assailant had been a petty criminal in New York until recently. Abby used this information and her Network 0 contacts to learn of a fanatical group of vampire hunters who had recently been driven out of New York City. The cell joined up at The Samedi’s Hat for a quick conversation with Jake, which yeilded the other hunters’ whereabouts: St. Agrippena’s Church of the Sanctuary.

The cell updated Denise of their status, but were given nothhing for thier effort.

The cell returned to the abby to find that it had been assaulted from within, by the girl they had just left. All told, the attack left 5 members of the staff dead, most of which had to be killed again after they had risen and joined the attack on the staff.

The cell tracked the fleeing dead woman across the street, as she tried to break in a window behind the neigbor’s house. The more martial members of the cell quickly put down the dead woman as Abby filmed.

As all calmed down, Susan called her police contacts to both clean up and keep things quiet, as the cell loaded up the deader girl to be taken to Dr. Home.



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