The Flickering Chronicles

Too Quiet...

January 5th, 20XX+1

Happy freakin New Year.

It has been a hell of a couple weeks. Walter has gone A.W.O.L. Not that I care. I’m sick of this roller coaster ride, and to be quite frank, he wasn’t good for me. My mind was on him, not on the job, which put us both at risk. Deep down I still blame Jack Malone…He messed up Walter bad. Walter saw some shit that most people would never see in their lives…and continued to see it, every night. It’s no wonder he was a broken vessel.

But that’s the cost of the Vigil. Some of us don’t make it out with our minds in tact. Others just don’t make it out.

I’m not worried. One candle sputters, and is extinguished…another is lit. Such is the way of things. Some other Candle carriers will come along. Until then, I’ll just do what I do best…hunt the creatures of the night.

And really, who is better equipped for a lone vigil? I can make any man (and more women than you would expect) bend to my whim…and my fangs carry a lethal dose of venom unexpected in such a sweet, sugar coated wrapping. I can handle this. I can handle this.

Since the departure of the closest thing to a man in my life, I’ve been forced to start doing things myself. The first thing that I did was reproduce Walter’s work with the glasses, but made myself a pair of night vision glasses. This girl is well equipped and stylish. I’ve spent hours laboring over my weapons, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that my axe is as sharp as the devil himself. And my trident isn’t too shabby either ;-)

Next I worked on the security around this place. I have it all wired through the Microsoft table and the big screen…which also feeds into my room. If something MOVES anywhere near this house, I know it. And It’s a weird sense of accomplishment…I used to rely on men to do this dirty work…and I used to think that I needed protecting. Both things have been replaced. I can say that I am self-reliant (as long as Daddy keeps sending my money ;-) ) The point is, I don’t need a man showing up and screwing things up for me…I got a pretty great deal going on here.

No word from Denise. No activity at Forbidden Fruit. All is quiet on the Western Front. And that makes me nervous. It is always quiet just before the storm…and that is why I condition myself…the yoga, the muy-thai, the weapon smithing, the drinking, the techno-crafting, the drinking…I am ready for the storm.

Even as I write this, the hackles on the back of my neck are standing. Something is coming. And like I said…I will be ready.

But until then, party it up, right? You’ve only got one life, no sense worrying about the end of the world :-D Life is too short, so love the one you got. You might get run over, or you might get shot.
Til next time, keep your candles burning. :-)

<3 D



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