The Flickering Chronicles

The Trouble With Clubbing

Participants: entire cell.

Max and Abby rushed to join Susan and Dy at Torment, while the latter girls sought to get lost in the crowd while gathering a bit of intel. Max and Abbby found their way up the club’s fire escape and in through a rather strong fire door. Their entrance was a fire escape for the sections of catwalks above the club’s lighting. The two crept along the walkways to descend into a sort of backstage area, which lead deeper into the club.

Meanwhile, Dy and Susan were using Dy’s thermal goggles to spot and seduce a vampire. The club was supprisingly full of the cold-dead, so the duo were able to take their pick. The two swelected an attractive woman in a simple black dress. Susan’s advances worked wonders to convince the dead woman to. Come back to the back stage area, where Max and Abby were waiting.

Susan went to work on getting the dead woman into a vulnerable enough position to be drugged or otherwise subdued, before she could achieve this however, an explosion rocked the main hall while the dance floor became alight with panic. In that moment of distraction the cell’s quarrry escaped up the ladder to the lighting area with amazing speed.

With the club rapidly emptying, and bouncers expediting this, the cell headed outside, but quickly escaped the throngs being herded together for the coming police. The cell spread out and observed the werehouse turned nightclub. After the emergency services began to depart, three seperate cars dropped of well dressed men who quickly entered the club without the chance to be closely observed.

The cell resolved to reinfiltrate the club in persuit of these mysterious visitors. Dy, Abby, and Susan entered through the top floor, while Max remained on the roof. The interlopers were spotted scrambling along the lighting rigs,and several bouncers were headed the the back stage area with the ladder. Dy, Susan, and eventually Visanthe were able to subdue the large men, with only one bouncer sustaining fatal injuries.

Meanwhile Abbigail crossed the lighting and crawled into a duct that was suspiciously open. After a bit of crawling, she encountered a raven in the vents, not far from a vent open to the outside. The raven scuttle away from Abby while she followed. The bird led her in a circle before coming to the open vent itself and flying off.

Downstairs, the girls went deeper into the club to find stairs down to a basement. They went down and found a very secure door with a keypad lock. They did not see the camera however, and 3 more bouncers were quickly dispatched. The two managed to defend themselves without too much trouble. Dy hacked the lock and cracked the door just enough to thermal scope the room. Inside were Denise, a man the cell had seen the bouncers beating before they were caught, and the three suited men. The suits were all cold as the grave, Denise and the bound man were not.Dy and Abby briefly entertained the idea of assaulting the room, before deciding discretion was the better part of valor. The entire cell regrouped at the fire escape before slipping into the night.



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