The Flickering Chronicles

Prequel: Murder Will Out.

Weekend of 4.4.09 (3 sessions)

Participating: Task Force Agents William and Jake

The story began with VASCU agent Franklin Kim rushing the cell to what he believed was The Calculator’s next victim. The Calculator was a serial killer who had been randomly shooting or stabbing victims to death leaving strange and complex mathematical formulas scrawled across the victms’ walls. Kim believed that someone at the department had cracked the Calculator’s code enough to predict the next target.

The Cell arrived to find Sandra Myer dying. The Cell administered some quick field first aid to stabilize the woman enough to describe her assailant. She described a large dark skinned man with a leather ‘gimp’ mask. They determined the Calculator had moved on, but found a large, expensive tailored coat. After a brief interview with the tailor yielded an address that may have been the killer’s.

Upon making entry to the large, penthouse the agents were assaulted by a horrible spider creature of metal and flesh. After a rather exacting fight with the Seventh Execution, the cell managed to best it, and investigate the apartment. They found the true occupant of the penthouse, murdered. They also found a letter suggesting a meeting between killers, and the possibility of a common master.

The agents staked out the meeting, only to be assaulted by a 7 foot tall woman with a large kukri. After a particularly vicious battle, the crew bested and set ablaze the woman. Agent Jake took the weapon for ‘further study’.

Detective Kim met the cell at their apartment, only to pull a gun and start babbling about a betrayal the cell was involved in some time ago. Kim revealed a letter that says as much from an anonymous source. Agent Jake found a similar letter implying a betrayal of his partner’s. The group managed to calm down after a brief scuffle.

Following a lead found on the large female assailant’s person, the cell checked out Green Fields retirement home, a rather pleasant villa of full care facilities. The cell found Donald Aitchison, an elderly, wheelchair bound resident, who fully admitted to writing letters with the intent to inspire murder. He also admitted to colluding with the mysterious woman and the Calculator. The agents steal a map hanging in Donald’s study and Donald himself back to a small motel. After some enhanced interrogation, the cell discovers the patron merely wants the killers to kill where the bodies will be sent to the West Bridge Hospital. Agent William decided that Donald was too dangerous to be left alive, and mercifully put a bullet in Don’s head, leaving Kim to deal with the mess.

After a brief investigation of the hospital, the cell is invited to a meeting by an ex-hunter who had dealt with the hospital before. He revealed that it was a demon who had fed from the bodies of those who had died violently. His cell had destroyed the creature with fire, but took heavy casualties, and all members had spread to the winds. One member, had recently come back to Philly to set up a small occult shop, and facilitate the travel of information to those on the Vigil. He theorized that somehow the demon must have returned to the hospital.

The cell prepared for an assault on the hospital, creating rather sophisticated flamethrowers from super soakers and aim ‘n flames. Jake, dressed as a doctor, pushed a gurney with agent Will and the armaments in a body bag into the hospital. After a few brief, but potentially violent encounters with the elevators, Jake pushed forward toward the morgue where eventually the bustle of the hospital seemed to have been abandoned. A door in the hall knocked over the gurney and The Calculator himself emerged from a nearby room. He immediately set to attacking the two, handily keeping both occupied for a time. All the while the Calculator kept babbling about his master being the hospital. Once the two managed to get their bearings and their flamethrowers, they downed the Calculator in short order.

The fight had inspired the evacuation of the hospital, so screaming and chaos were already spreading, but then the main power went out. The PA around the cell played out a phone call to 911 that suggested men matching their description were taking hostages. The cell was soon joined by SWAT, who gave little quarter. The two agent immediately began fleeing, and it wasn’t long until SWAT opened fire. After tense struggle with a seemingly supernaturally sealed door to the stairwell, the cell managed to begin moving out of the basement, and also escalate the moving gunfight. The door out of the stairwell a few floors up proved to steadfast (and a Dramatic Failure ripped the door handle off) and the cell began to realize that they were out gunned. They surrendered their weapons and badges. The SWAT checked in with the local FBI, which allowed Kim to vouch for the cell, enough for the Men in Black to disappear, but the demon occupying the hospital remained, gaining power.

XP: 12 PXP: 17



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