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Dyana's Diary 1

Scary Right?

Dyana’s Diary


So I know it’s been a while, but given the events of the past week, I figure it’s as good as time as any to really start collecting my thoughts into some sort of…I dunno…semblance of order, in case the unthinkable were to transpire-IE: me getting disembowled by some creature of the darkness. I think it’s worthy to pass on to my successor the notes that I’ve kept…as well as give them some insight into my mind…

Scary right?

Well…about a week ago-one week and a day to be accurate- Walter, who is a stiff government guy, and Gabriel, who is a stiff religious zealot, got our asses handed to us. We rushed headlong into the parking garage, knowing full well the “bible beaters” –what a cliché name, but that’s the media for ya- had some sort of trap laid. We were not disappointed…we were thoroughly dismantled by these Bible toting crazies. Walter took heavy damage off the get go. He really seems to have a glass jaw, which struck me as odd, as he seemed like the strong silent type. And we were already down a “man”…ugh I hate that term…from the start (not counting Visanthe, who is a viable asset, but proved to be all but useless in this ordeal). From there Gabriel tended to our fallen comrade, mean while I went medieval on their asses, and called upon the Mark of the Beast to try and take their aggression. It worked. All too well. Within a minute, I was at the receiving end of four sledgehammers, all of which were doing significant damage. Now anyone who knows me knows that I am confident in my self, and perhaps over-confident in a lot of ways, but even I knew this was rapidly turning into something I couldn’t handle. Every time I had an opportunity, I had to heal either myself or Walter.

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Thankfully Gabriel had the foresight to put up some sort of magic ward to stop them from gaining access to us, and we lasted the night.

This time.

By morning Gabriel was gone. Who knows if he’ll show up again. Regardless of his affiliations, he was another carrier of the flame, and a welcome addition to the team.

So Walter and I were seemingly back to square one. Oh, and the new Jeep I bought Walter for a Christmas gift was destroyed. Merry Fucking Christmas. And that’s when I think to myself- “Every time I do something nice, it always turns to shit” and I am reminded of how I got this far in the fight in the first place- looking out for numero uno. Conceded? Yeah. Self-absorbed? Who wouldn’t be? If god…or whomever…gave you this body, and this skill, you couldn’t not love yourself just a bit too much.

I digress tho. Walter and I spent the better part of the week planning our next action. And when I say planning, I mean he spent it at his work bench, tinkering with his electronic do-hickeys and I spent it sitting in a hot tub and drinking lots of Martinis.

I think Walter is rubbing off on me. Eww…okay, so I know that sounds dirty, but I totally didn’t intend for the double entendre. Or did I? ;-) But yeah, I’ve started a little workbench of my own across the room from him. I’ve set up my little “base of operations” down there. Working out, Meditating, and working on my custom made weaponry. And he seems oblivious to it all. Whatever. I don’t need his attention…nor is it necessarily welcomed. I dunno…maybe it is. He seems to have brought out the best in me these few short weeks I’ve known him. I’ve really stopped partying, stopped smoking, and only drink…well…I drink a lot. But that comes with the territory. But I’m really starting to settle into this whole “Vigil” thing…and becoming a lot more serious about honing my craft. It’s kinda weird…in a cosmic sort of way.

Woah. How the hell did I get THIS far off track?! Yikes. Time for some Ritalin me thinks!

Any how, the workbench. Yeah, I have set to work modifying my Trident and Axe. The axe required almost a total overhaul, the only things I kept from the original were the blades, which needed to be altered a bit as well. I added a bit more weight on the head, and flattened it, using a lighter polymer to hold it all together. Or so Visanthe told me…he’s been a pretty big help. Anyhow, in short, I’ve maximized the efficacy of it, and have made it more sleek, more aerodynamic, and all around better for my style, which is pole arms. I’ve shortened it a tad, but I don’t think it will suffer. The trident I didn’t really do much to. I swapped out the blades, which were all in a row (o o o) and went with a more…modern design, in which two of the blades flank the third, but the third also juts out in front (or behind, depending on how it is being held), comparable to that of a chopping blade (o o o). I’ve also barbed the blades on the ends. I’m pretty proud of myself, given that I don’t know THAT much about metallurgy…thank god for the internet! I’ve also added quite a bit more weight at the other end, making it a bit unwieldy, but I figure if you use two hands and know how to use a trident, then it will have some great results. Hopefully in the next entry I can give you some field test results.

I guess the week wasn’t a total wash though. We did see the Bible Beaters (on surveillance video) go back to the garage and meet with another figure, who was shadowy. It appears this is their turf, where they choose to bring people for Meet-and-beats. Hopefully we can use this against them.

Alrighty, well, after spilling my guts all over this page, I think I should get ready for dinner. I told Walter he is taking me to a fancy dinner. Maybe this time I can get him to wear a sweet bow tie. Probably not. If it’s not Government Issue, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t touch his body. Wow…I could go a lot of places with that, but I’ll just let imaginations wander. ;-D Ta!

- <3 D



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