The Flickering Chronicles

Down and Dirty

Participants: Danials, Eckerly, Weatherfor-Smithfield, James

The scene starts with the nascent cell’s descent into the sewers below Fairmont Park. After a bit of an incedent heading down a slippery slope that resulted in Max and Dy eatting shit, the group tracked their blunt-object-carrier to a path that lead through the sewage. While deciding what to do, they spotted a rat the size of a large dog that showed signs of advanced decay. It seemed rather spooked. The cell then split up. Dy and Max followed the hammer carrier while Abby and Susan persued the rat.

Dy and Max’s path led to sewage and more questions, while Subigail descended deeper into the sewers. Tracking the rat thing lead eventually to maze apparently intentionally man made. After about an hour, the girls came to an apparent end to the maze, in the form of a t-intersection. To the right was a tunnel going up at an extreme angle with water coming down it. Rather than venture up the tunnel. Rather than risk getting coated in raw sewage, the pair decided to investigate the other fork.

Down that path was a small room dug from the dirt containing a bed, a dresser, and a nightstand. Oh, ad a giant zombie-rat. The rat seemed at least as fightened as the hunters. An attempt to capture the large beast only result in it escaping back into the labrynth.

During the girls’ escapades, Max and Dy tracked through the maze, catching up to Susan and Abby shortly after the rat’s departure. The cell briefly investigated the hovel long enough for Dy to realize she had been there before, and that they needed to leave before its owner returned.

While the rest of the cell was still recuperating, Abby checked out the park once more, during the daylight this time. She found no owls, but she did come across someone following her. When she turned to investigate, the figure fled. Abby was unsuccessful in catching the figure but escaped safely.

The cell regrouped at the Abbey to contact contacts and do some planning. After getting some info, the group decided to make one last stop. They headed to St. Jude’s Hospital to meet Dr. Home. He, in his usual charming way, let Dy know that he was aware that Dy was not a member of VALKYRIE, and that Hank had requested she get in touch with him over Walter’s dissappearance. Home gave Dy another copy of the lupine tracking software to replace that which wa lost in the sewer.

The cell followed the tracker’s weak signal to Rex’s Pawn Shop. Rex provided a possible name for the wolfman, James, and noted he purchased a large gun. The cell also checked a nearby Wawa for information, but came up with nothing. The signal started becoming more specific, and moving toward the park. The cell hopped in Susan’s Escalade and began rapid persuit. The wolfman’s signal moved rapidly out of the park and across the city, just as the cell arrived at the park. Max and Abby remained at the park, while Susan and Abby took off in the suv, chasing the tracker bleep.
While the other girls chased a dot on a cellphone, Abby and Max set up serveilance in the park. Max spotted that someone else spotted Abby, and Max moved to intercept. There was a brief tussel that resulted in the interloper being wounded severely. The fight ended when a woman with a gun demanded her companion back. There was a brief verbal exchange before the two mystery folks departed. Little to no information moved from one side to the other before the confrontation ended.

Meanwhile, Dy helped navigate the radar bleep to its destination, an industrial club called Torment. At Dy’s behest, the girls broke into the back of the club and sneaked their way to the back of the bar. The girls tossed a big bottle of distraction into the crowd, while the girls vaulted the bar and dissapeared into the crowd . . .



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