The Flickering Chronicles

Collateral Damage

Where it All Begins . . . Again

Participants: Abigail James, Dyanna Daniels, Max Eckerly, Susan Rosemary Weatherfor-Smithfield

It was a cold Sunday. Near the end of January, overcast and threatening to snow on the slush covered Philladelphia.

Dy had been stalking a wolfman for about a week, when she finally got a decent bead on his wherabouts. She followed him to Fairmont Park, only to be spotted at the entrance. Unbeknownst to Dy, Susan Weatherfor-Smithfield had also been stalking the wolfman to repay a fellow Abby member. Susan, to avoid detection by her fellow stalker, then fell back to tailing Dy, with little clue as to either the wolfman or her fellow hunter’s identity. Dy made her way carefully into the park with Susan not far behind.

Shortly thereafter, Max Eckerly entered the same park tracking a dead man with a hammer that supposedly had magical properties. In truth, he was more tracking the hammer than the dead man. His trail led him off the path and into the woods.

By amazing coincidence, Abigail James had been investigating rather odd ‘ghost owl’ activity in Philly, which led her to Fairmont Park. With recording equipment in hand, she bodly entered the park and steered a little way off the path, following the faint sound of the owls.

From deeper in the woods the sound of a large impact against a tree was heard, followed by an explosion. Seperately, each hunter made their way toward the sounds. Dy was first on the scene, with Susan following closely behind. The two ladies met over the strange scene before them. Bits of tree were singed, and a swath of snow had been melted exposing bare ground. Amidst the wreckage was a person, mangled, bleeding horribly, likely dying. Despite the situation, the two ladies made quick aquantences as Eckerly came running to the scene. Abigail managed to remain hidden for a few moments before exposing herself and some of her intent to her fellow hunters. While all of this was happening the sounds of owls could be heard intensifying.

Before the newly forming cell could finish introducing themselves, footsteps were heard moving rapidly away, and the hunters gave chase. Dyanna managed to use the shaft of her trident to taked down one of the two fleeing, while Max impaled one’s knee with his spear. When Susan and Abigail caught up, Susan drugged Dy’s victim who promptly passed out. Meanwhile, Max patched up his victim while the poor man passed out.

The group decided that staying in the park would be a bad idea, especially as the owls had reached a fevered pitch that required shouting to communicate over. The cell loaded the bodies into Susan’s SUV and they headed for the Abby’s local safehouse.

Upon arrival, the two prisoners were shackled, and the one with the bad knee was awakened. The newly formed cell bonded by using some enhanced interrogation techniques, which among other things, involved Susan partially skinning the drugged captive’s chest.

The only information gleaned is that the two men being tortured were likely fellow hunters who had been stalking a dead man. The mangled body at the scene of the explosion had been one of thiers. The cell decided to have the awakened man killed, while the drugged, skinned man could be released. Left with a red rose as an appology.

The cell returned to the park to further investigate and get everyone back to their vehicles. Returning to the scene of the explosion, they found two things had changed. The mangled body was nowhere to be seen, and animal prints were seen leading from the point of detonation deeper into the park. The cell followed the prints right up to the park’s large, brick, outer wall before discovering the prints just stopped. The cell shimmied up the wall and very thoroughly investigated the area, finding no evidence of the crature’s passing after the prints stopped.

While the cell pondered their next move, a woman’s scream was heard back within the park. The hunters raced back toward the sound to find a woman (likely a hooker) with her face blugeoned in by a small surface with a beveled edge. The cell followed the prints from the area deeper into the park. The prints stopped at a small stream just before it passed under a small foot bridge. Under the bridge were thick, sturdy metal bars, and beyond the bars the sound of running footsteps in shallow water could be heard fading into the distance.

Seeing no other course of action, Dy transformed into her large demonic form in order to smash through the bars. After the bars were no longer an issue, Dy transformed wearily back to her regular self. The scene faded as the cell adventured into the sewers.

XP: 5
PXP: 11

Quote of the night: “At what point does a swath become swarthy?” – Brian.



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