The Flickering Chronicles

Chemical Logic - Chapter 6



On a Wednesdy

Philladelphia, PA

Seabass and Mac convened at Papa Frita’s Fry Pit to discuss their next plan of attack. While there, Nick Sobotka called and said that he had information to share about the river creature. He told the cell he’d meet them behind the Whet Pier at 2:30am.

The Disavowed arrived t the Whet Pier at the appointed time, and headed toward the back alley. They noted Ziggy’s camaro in the parking lot. As the duo approached the alley, Nick called out that he was back there. The two headed into the alley, and were stuck in the back of the head with bats, from unsen assailents. Both went down, and Nick drew a handgun. One of the men with bats started shouting, “where’s my son, assholes?” Frank Sobotka, Ziggy’s father, was very angry, and seemed convinced that the Disvowed had something to do with Ziggy’s disapearance. Mac tried a bit of verbal resistance, but it just the cell beaten further. Finally, Frank demanded the crew find his son in 3 days, or there would be consequences. Also, the heroine that Nick had given them was stolen, and Frank demanded that back at 5:30am. The Cell were allowed to limp off, with a gun trained on them the entire time.

The cell headed off to collect themselves, then headed down to the north philly waterfront to try to find the woman who had been acosted by the river creature. The Duo didn’t have to look for long before find thier woman. She was being detained by The Cleaners just a block away. The Disavowed crept down a nearby alley and jumped The Cleaners, drugging them at gunpoint and stuffing them into their own crown victoria. Seabass then headed for his backup motel room in the crown vic.

Meanwhile, Mac took the working girl, only partially freely, to Keystone Pharma under the promise that his doctors would be able to help her. She went with little struggle at gunpoint to the office, and Mac handed her off to the science team. Mac then headed back to meet with Seabass. The two unloaded the three unconcious men into the motel room and bound them without being seen.The cell went through The Cleaners’ cell phones, but found no call history, and only a list of bland first names in the contacts. They tied one Cleaner to a chair , the oldest, looking about 40, and slapped him awake. Seabass began asking about their leadership and mission, but the man seemed unphased. That’s when Mac straddled the man’s lap and began cutting off pieces of his abdomen. The man seemed more disapointed in their interrogation technique than anything. After throwing a few more random bits of violence at the man, Mac gave up. Seabass redrugged the man who then promptly passed out.

Mac headed bck to theWhet Pier to drop off the drugs while Seabass cleaned up their victim. He did this by stuffing the man’s upper body into a garbage bag, and crushing his head with a sledgehammer.

When Mac returned to find Seabass cleaning up the scene,the two had a bit of disagreement over the proper course of action, with Seabass mad that Mac would use such sloppy, destructive techniques, and Mac mad that Seabass had just decided that the man had seen too much and needed killed. The two did agree however, that the dead mn needed to be used as a prop for interogating the next man, however. They cut open the garbage bag, so that what was left of the dead man’s skull and its contents were clerly visible, then they tied nother Cleaner tothe chair,and slapped him awake. This man quickly crumbled, and was panic stricken at the site of “Mike’s” corpse. He claimed to bean accountant, and that Moke had been the brains of the operation. He also said found it odd that they were asking about the South Philly Slasher, because the Cleaners thought the Disavowed were colluding with him. He thought this, because they were fairly confident the Slasher was a member of the Paddy’s Pub Gang, one of the men.

The Disavowed were unable to get any further useful information rom the man, and so drugged him again.

The cell then headed to Paddy’s Pub right around opening time, and sat the cell down for a talk. THe Disavowed took each member of The Gang back to the office, one at a time, and tried to slyly find out who the South Philly Slasher was. Paddy’s Mac broke easily, and admitted he did it because an angel with a german ccent told him to do it. Healso daid the other Gang members were hethens, and wouldn’t understand that Mac was doing god’s work. The Disavowed told Mac to keep it low key for now, and that they would speak to him about it further at another time.

The Disavowed then headed back to the Cleaners to clean up. Mac dropped the deceased man into the Potomac river, while Seabass dropped them, still bound and drugged, back in their car where it had been taken from originally.

XP: 4
PXP: 0

Quote of the Night: Gag them Mac style!



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