The Flickering Chronicles

Chemical Logic - Chapter 5

Working Girls and Creatures of the Deep

10:43 PM

On a Sunday

Philladelphia, PA

The Disavowed left The Whet Pier and decided to try to bate out the creature from the river. Mac payed a working girl to stand on a corner by the waterfront for 4 hours. The cell posted up by the waterfront themselves, and though they smelled something foul, there was no sighting of the creature.

After their lack of success, the two decided to persue their own goals for th rest of the night. Mac went on a Bogus journey, that will be recounted in a later adventure log, while Seabass did some recon on some of his own persuits.

The next day, the cell met up at Paddy’s to plan their next move. While there, they received a call from a frantic and furious Nick telling them to catch the thing from the river, and that he’d pay well if they did. He told the cell that one of those things burst out of his fiance that must have been gestating for the past two weeks, and that she was in bad shape. The Disavowed agreed to help, and began making plans for that evening.

That night, the cell set out for the waterfront, and caught wind of the creature’s scent almost immediately. They followed their noses to an alley just a block from the Potomac, and began preparing an ambush of the creature, which was wrapped around a woman who seemed to be resisting futiley. The two quietly moved in from opposite sides of the alley, and attacked, Mac with his katanas, and Seabass with a machete. The creature, seemingly just a collection of tentacles, immediately unwrapped itself from its victim, and started booking out of the alley toward the water. The cell persued and hacked off several tentacles until the creature shuddered and colapsed. It immediately started drying out, and was a fine, smelly poweder in a matter of minutes. The cell bagged some up, but an arguement began breaking out over their next course of action. Mac seemed to be under the impression that Seabass had some book which Seabass wouldn’t admit to having, which lead to Mac throwing a punch at Seabass. Seabass tried to retaliate with his machete, but Mac, erratically, deescalated the situation.

After that, Mac continued his Bogus Journey, while Seabass broke into a veterinary clinic and made off with some questionable substances, narrowly avoiding the police.

The next morning Mac and Seabass headed to One Liberty Place, home to Keystone Pharma, LLC., Mac’s employer. Mac and Seabass were both surprised that Alicia Magnum called both of them back to her office. Seabass and Alicia introduced themselves to one another before getting down to business. Mac pulled outthe bag of what had been the creature, to Alicia’s tempered interest. She seemed more interested in the woman the thing had accosted, which Mac and Seabass had completely ignored after their arguement. Mac then inquired about Nock Sobotka and his fiance,which Alicia hadn’t heard about. Mac told Alicia to get her people on it, then Alicia reminded Mac that he was “her people”. Mac said he’d get on it, and the cell began to depart. On the way out, Seabass cryptically told Alicia to “tell Mike I said hi.”

Later, the cell headed back to The Whet Pier to speak with Nick about the recent happening. Nick told them that his finace was in bad shape, and heavily sedated, but that she’d probably get better eventually. He also seemed very concerned about his cousin, Ziggy’s whereabouts. When Nick told them that the last he heard from Ziggy was that he was going to meet The Disavowed at some parking garage. Mac said that he had asked ziggy for help on the matter of the tentacle creature, and that Ziggy had shown upfor the preparation at the garagem but then never arrived at the waterfront. This was news to Seabass as well. Despite his reservations, Nick didn’t push the issue anyfurther, and asked that the cell let him know if Ziggy contacted either of them. The three left the bar, andin the parking lot, Nick pulled a kilo of heroine from his car, and tossed it to Mac, who promptly handed it off to Seabass, who then hid it in his coat. The drugs, Nick told them, were payment for dealing with the creature, though it sounded like Nick had obtained the kilo in a rather clandestine manner. The three hunter went their separate ways into the cold, february night.

XP: 4
PXP: 5

Quote of the night:
Mac: What was with that duck? Are we just going to overlook that?
Seabass: It’s Philly.



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