The Flickering Chronicles

Chemical Logic - Chapter 4

For the Fallen


On a Saturday

Philladelphia, PA

We found our heroes once again at Paddy’s Pub, trying to decide what their next move is. They offered to help The Gang with whatever thy were getting inot that evening, but The Gang declined, but told The Disaowed that they’d call if they needed help. The two decided to split up, and persue some individual ideas for the night. And with that, the two set out to meet their own shady goals.

Once of Mac’s persuits took him back to the parking garage, where he found the remains of another bloody attack, and a trail of blood leading to the garbage at the back of the garage basement. Mac immediately called Seabass, who then quickly arrived on the scene. Seabass recorded, while Mac dug through the trash pile and found the remains of a corpse, one who seemed to have all bones removed. Mac took a picture of it and sent to it Alicia Magnum, but the picture merely looked like the Crying Girl sitting amongst the garbage. Mac was scolded forcontinuing to worry about a routine haunting. Mac hung up and rejoined Seabass downstairs again. The two tried to watch what Seabass had just recorded, and the results were the same. There was no evidence of blood on the recording, and it looked like the two dug the crying girl out of the garbage.

The Disavowed decided to use the scene to observe the group who had been seen at theother murder scenes, who the two presumed were the feds that the locals hunters seemed so concerned with. Macreturned to street level, and posted up in an alley across the street, posing as a vagrant in an amazingly acurate fashion. Meanwhile, Seabass remained in the garage, to dosome investigating in the mean time, and then be ready when the opposing cell arrived. Seabass also used some of the ambient blood to write “BEHIND YOU” on the wall above the corpse.

After several hours, the stakeout paid off, and a familiar, dark crown victoria pulled up in front of the garage, and three men in wastecoats emerged, lit their flashlights, and headed into the garage. Mac texted Seabass before stealithly following the three down the ramps to basement 2. The three were very non-chalant about the discovery of the blood, and seemed more irked that they now had work to do than anything. They followed the blood trail to the back of the garage, and immediately spun around when they saw the message on the wall.The disavowed masked up, and Seabass emerged from th shadows with his gun drawn, while Mac opted for a pose on the ramp. Seabass’ threat did stop the men from drawning weapons, but their hand’s never moved too far from their coats. The man in the middle did put his hands down, and asked what the two wanted. The two cells exchanged vague threats, with Mac implying that the feds were just there to hide problems, not to solve them, and the feds treating The Disavowed like amateurs. In the end, The Disavowed backed down.

The cell decicided to take Jake up on a tip he had given them a few days earlier, and head down to the waterfront to investigate reports of some tentacly river monster attacking women. The Union had mentioned both that they were working that angle, and that the waterfront was their territory,but The Disavowed decided to take their chances all the same. Not long after the cell made it to the river, Mac received a text from Frank, saying “Need help. They got Charlie. Christ Church. Secret basement.” The duo raced off, fining Christ Church only a few blocks from the Potomac.

The two enetered the front doors of the church, which was strangely unlocked, and noted owls hooting. The owls seemed a little unseasonal, but otherwise unremarkable. They investigated the sanctuary, before heading into the back of the church and finding a door to the basement. The basement seemed unremarkable, except for the fact it covered less than a third of what the foundation should have been. While investigating thebasemnt, Seabass noted that he could still faintly hear the owls. Mac found a secret handle built into a shelf onthe back wall, and the two readied themselves for whatever was on the other side, drawing weapons and securing their masks. Mac then pulled the lever.

The scene before them was shocking. As a door sized set of cinder blocks swung out of the way, the cell witnessed 3 men in ornate wooden chairs, sitting before a large, jeweled cross. In front of them were 3 young women and Charlie bound to chairs in a T-shape, with Charlie in front and the women in a row behind. Around them, were 4 more men seated in a semi circle. The Disavowed’s presence was immediately noticed by all inthe room, except the 4 bound in the chairs, who seemed drugged. Mac charged in with and drove his katanas into one of the members of the semicircle. While this was happening, all of the 6 men who were neither bound nor stabbed, began clutching their heads, with the three on the “altar” shaking it off rather quickly.

Seabass ran up to the altar and engaged with the men there, one of which grew his hands into horrific claws. As the othertwo were about to attack Seabass, Paddy’s Mac and Frank emerged from the room behind the altar, and Mac delivered an exemplary spin kick to the face of one of the men on the altar. Meanwhile, Frank shot randomly at the three at the head of the room while heading for the door. The three onlookers seemed to recover, and two of them set out to kill thebound girls imediately, while the third tackled Frank. The girls and Charlie all sustained mortal injuries. The ensuing fight was very chaotic. Paddy’s Mac was dominated into lying down in the back room, while Frank was fed upon. One of the three heads of the ceremony attacked the two viewers who were trying to kill the bound.

Disavowed Mac and Seabass both fought ferociously, and sustained injuries throuought the fight. Mac was dominated into laying on the floor while the man who had been sitting in the middle chair bit Mac’s neck and drained him of blood. Seabass then grappled with another of the bloodsuckers whilethe one with the claws raked mercilessly at Seabass’ back. Disavowed Mac rescued Frank, then went after Seabass’ assailant, who quickly (very quickly) fled the basement. The two grabbed Frank, Charlie and Paddy’s Mac, and escaped while one of the men from the altar was still fighting one of the onlookers. The Gang thanked The Disavowed and headed forthe bar while Mac loaded Seabass into the car. Mac then decided to head back into the church to recover his mask and Seabass’ sledgehammer.

When he arrived in the secret basement, Mac saw the man from the Alter literally tearing the head off the man he had been fighting, who promptly burnt into greasy ash. The man looked Mac in the eye and said, “won’t you have a seat?” Mac felt supernaturally compelled to comply,and did indeed sit. The man smiled, and sunk his teeth into the other side of Mac’s neck (the one that hadn’t been bitten before). Seabass worried that Mac was taking too long, so he limped his way down to the basement oncew more to find the men feeding on Mac. Seabass tried to pull the man off Mac, and imediately, The Disavowed were overcome by crippling terror. The two had no choice but to cower on the floor in the fetal position as their mystery assailent left the basement. After what seemed life forever, the two finally regained their composue and headed for the car. En route to Paddy’s Mac called Allicia and demanded she get Dr. Home to the bar.

The Disavowed made it to Paddy’s and regrouped with The Gang in the basement. Before long, Dr. Follows, the bonde austrailian doctorin Home’s employ arrived at the pub, and Mac hastily brought him down to the basement. He did what he could for Seabass, who had suffered fairlyterrible injuries, and looked like he had been mauled by a bear. Dr. Follows then moved on to Charlie. Follows checked Charlie’s heart rate to find that Charlie had no pulse. Imediately Charlie leapt up and started bolting upthe stairs. Mac tackled Charlie on the stairs while the gathered hunters surrounded them. Disavowed Mac demanded that whatever they were talking to return Charlie to them. “Charlie,” now with glowing yellow eyes, then replied, “This one is already lost.” And with that, Charlie Kelly dropped dead.

Two weeks passed while The Disavowed rested and healed. Mac took Sweet Dee to the Poconos, while Seabass stayed behind and recuperated. On the second sunday in February, the cell met back up at Papa Frita’s Fry Pit to regroup. Seabass had learned of two similar killings in the basement of the garage, but wasn’t able to get any more details. Seabass had also learned from Jake that one that fateful saturday two weeks prior, The Union had used Nick’s fiance as bair for the river creature, and that she had gotte attacked before The Union could stop it. They had driven off the creature, but not killed it. The cell headed forPaddy’s to pay their respects to Charlie. His bashing bat had been mounted on the wall with a plaque that read “Charlie Kelly 1976-20X1” Mac was a little standoffish with The Gang, but The Disavowed managed to getout without a fight breaking out.

The Disavowed then headed to The Whet Pier, The Union’s bar of choice. Ziggy remained at the bar, surrounded by his fellow longshoremen, who were all enthraled with Ziggy’s latest rediculous purchase, and duck and it’s gold chain necklace. Nick met with the cell, and was met largely with Mac berating him for The Union’s handling of the situation. This confrontation also ended poorly, but Seabass was able to end the chapter once again with the cell’s tagline.

Nick: You guys really seem like feds
Seabass: No Nick. We’re… The Disavowed

1PXP (many plusses and minuses)

Quote of the night: “I’m not going in the dark, that shit is dumb.” – Mac



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