The Flickering Chronicles

Chemical Logic - Chapter 3

The Disavowed


On a Thursday

Philladelphia, PA

After leaving Samedi’s Hat, the cell began discussing their plans for Paddy’s The Gang. Mac had been told by his superior that he could use them however he wanted, but would recieve no official support on that persuit. Seabass and Mac concluded that even though Philly’s hunter community generally all agreed The Gang were nothing but screw ups, that Mac and Seabass could mold them into something more, perhaps with the aid of some anonymity. Mac and Seabass headed for a mask shop, to gift The Gang with a token of their good will. The cell then headed for Paddy’s Pub to speak with The Gang.

After Paddy’s Mac gave the two an ocular pat down and cleared the cell, all 7 hunters gathered at a booth to discuss the future. Mac and Seabass told The Gang that despite their reputation as screw ups, the two would like to help them. The Gang took offense to the notion that they were screw ups, and claimed that they had killed 4 vampires in the past month alone. The Gang also made it clear that the opinion of others hunters didn’t mean anything to them. Mac and Seabass still offered to bring The Gang under their wing, and the Gang retreated briefly to discuss the topic. During their extended declining of the cell’s offer, Charlie let slip that The Gang was working either with, or for, someone he called the Nightman, the the rest of The Gang hastily scolded Charlie for letting that information out. The two cells settled on an informal mutual alliance, and exchanged numbers before Seabass and Mac headed on their way.

The cell later met up at Mac’s home in the suburbs to discuss strategy. While there, another news story hit that sounded like the South Philly Slasher. This time it was an elderly woman named Irma Bundt, and she resided in North Philladelphia. The cell raced off, but between the time it took to get back into the city, and the cell’s lack of knowledge of the area, the crime scene had been long cleaned up before the cell arrived. The cell decided to split up and check the two likely hospitals that the body could have gone to. Seabass took a cab to West Bridge Hospital, the closer one in Northwest Philly, while Mac headed to St Jude’s in Center City. Both managed to get the morgue of his respective hospital, neither found any sign of Irma.

The Cell met back up at Papa Frita’s, where Seabass added a new item to Jak’s menu, The Clogger. After finishing up their horrible, horrible meals, the duo headed next door to Samedi’s Hat to seak further information on the metal infused people. Since it was Jake’s peak time, he invited the crew into the back room and fixed up his Special Blend for the cell. Jake revealed that a local cell from The Union had just captured a mechanical bird the night before that was “stealing the breath from children.”He also mentioned that The Union had taken a big hit in the past month, losing two cells to “the wolves.” Jake offered to set a meeting up with The remaining Union cell, and Seabass and Mac agreed before heading on their way.

The next afternoon, Mac and Seabass arrived at Papa Frita’s Fry Pit in preparation for their meeting with The Union. An orange 1978 Camaro that cell had sen at Papa Frita’s before pulled up outside, and out stepped two men in their 30’s wearing denim and t-shirts. The two entered Frita’s and greeted Jak, who indicated Mac and Seabass’s booth to them. The two sat down and introduced themselves as Nick and Ziggy Sobotka. The two cells exchanged pleasentries then got down to business. The Sobotkas told of the mechanical bird that they had caught over their cousin’s daughter while she was sleeping. Apparently, many of the neigborhood kids had come down with flu-like symptoms that weren’t going away, so they staked out the girl’s room and caught the bird in the act. They were too late though, and the girl seems to have come down with the same problem. The two offered to make a deal so Mac and Seabass could see the bird, but Mac and Seabass were unwilling to negotiate onthat point. Through the conversation, The Union boys made it a point to make sure the two newer hunters were aware that North Philly and the docks belonged to The Union, and they were notto conduct business there without permission. In the end, the meeting ended mostly amicably, and the two groups exchanged contact information and the promise to keep each other informed.

The Cell then decided to pay another visit to the parking garage, with Seabass offering to let Mac use his EVP detector, since Mac seemed to have a better rapport with the crying girl. Before the two even set foot in the structure, they saw a caat running off, accomanied by metallic sounds. Mac immediately set off after the cat, with Seabass stumbling a bit and following. Mac managed to chase the cat down and pounce on it. Mac yelled for Seabass to use his coat to tryto bag the creature, which was violently resisting. THrough the struggle, Mac was certain the creature had no give, and felt hard, cold and metallic. They managed to corral the creature into the coat and hold itlong enough to stuff the coat into a carrier the picked up. The two headed to One Liberty Place while Mac phoned his superior, Alicia Magnum. Alicia agreed to meet them at the office.

At One Liberty Place, Mac asked Seabass to wait in the lobby while he headed up to the offices of Keystone Pharma, LLC. Mac met with his superior, and the two witnessed an extractionteam transfer the creature to a more secure container. There, Mac was able to fully lay eyes on the creature. It was indeed a cat made entirely of metal, with internal clockwork clearly visible through severalgaps in its outer metal shell. The single strangest feature was that the cat seemed to have organic eyes. The extraction team took the cat away while Mac and Alicia discussed business further before going their spearate ways. Mac and Seabass met upin the lobby again congradulated each other and went their separate ways.

Mac ended up meeting with Dee from the pub and going on that date a night early, while Seabass staked out St Jude. Seabass’s stake out ended with car sex, followd by hospital-staff-shower-sex with Liz, the laundry girl he had met earlier that week.

The Cell met up the next afternoon at Papa Frita’s to discuss their next move, then meet up with Jake again. Jake was interested to hear about the exploits with the mechanical cat and mentioned that women by the river had been getting attacked lately, and that none of the city’s hunters seemed to have been looking into it. Jake asked one last time, “are you two really trying to tell me you’re not g-men?”

To this, Mac replied, “No Jake. We’re… The Disavowed.”


Quote of the week: “No Jake. We’re… The Disavowed.”



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