The Flickering Chronicles

Chemical Logic 2

Take Me to the Hospital


On a Wednesday

Philladelphia, PA

After receiving news that there was another vivisection murder just a few blocks from the parking garage, Seasbass and Mac headed off, separately to come from opposite directions. The murder scene was behind a Wawa, and was full of police and gawkers. The body was down the alley behind the store, with police watching both ends, so the cell were unable to getvery close. A dozen police and CSI were on the scene, along with an ambulence. The body had already been covered with a tarp, though blood spatter could be seen covering a large area. Seabass noticed a suit arguing with on officer, though he couldn’t get close enough to hear the topic of conversation. Before long, EMTs wheeled a gurney to the body, though two more suits arrived to do the actual loading, to the EMTs’ iritation. The suits remained in the ambulence at it was prepared to leave. In response, Mac headed to his car to follow the ambulence, while Seabass remained to continue gathering intel. Seabass saw the “lead suit” make another phone call before heading back to his unmarked crown victoria. Seabass texted ShockTreatment about the incident, only to find that this was the first ST was hearing about the incident.

Mac followed the ambulence out of South Philly into Center City to St Jude’s hospital. As he was arriving, ST informed Seabass of the ambulence’s destination, with no indication of how she had gotten the information. She also told Seabass that the body would only be there tonight, so they would have to move quickly to get any information out of it.

The cell headed to Paddy’s Irish Pub to plan their infiltration of the hospital. Shortly after the cell arrived, three of the bar’s owners burst into the bar, very excited about the crime scene they had just witnessed. Apparently they were on scene before the body had been covered up, and described it as “like her guts had been all scooped out!” The cell concluded their planning and began to roll out to procure supplies. Before leaving, Mac spoke to the oldest of the bar’s owners, Frank, and though it wasn’t the friendliest of exchanges, Frank did say “Hold on to that candle, friend” while Mac was headed out the door.

The cell stopped by Seabass’s motel room at the Four Winds Motel, where Mac informed Seabass about Frank. Seabass found a more updated version of the news story that contained the victim’s name, Liz Parks. Seabass then ran a quick background check on her and found out her address, phone number, and credit history. They then they headed to Walmart to find supplies. They were unable to find scrubs, but did get balaclavas “for later.”

The cell headed for Liz’ address, a rowhouse in a lower-middle class neigborhood in northern South Philly. Mac knocked on the door to find a very apprehensive Ms. Parks. Mac, posing as someone from the hospital, informed Ms. Parks that her daughter had been killed. It seemed that Ms. Parks was already very aware. The rest of the conversation was messy but short, then Mac excused himself and the cell were off. Mac and seabass decided to meet again near St. Jude’s after Seabass dead dropped the cameras they had retreived the night before.

The cell had no problem entering the hospital, though they spent quite a bit of time procuring scrubs and a patient gown for their plan. In the process Mac got very frustrated, and Seabass got the scrubs, a patient gown, a hospital blanket, and the phone number for a woman who worked in laundry. Thetwo convened in the elevator and headed down to the second basement, where the morgue and pharmacy were located. The two greeted the night pharmacist, Raphael, before heading toward the morgue without incident. Seabass luckily found an unattended gurney before the two changed into their costumes. Mac took the scrubs, while Seabass got in the gown, and laid underthe blanket in the patient gown.

Mac found four “labs” in the morgue, with people in one of them. He wheeled Seabas into that one, and was met wih one the two people who were with the Mike Tomlin looking fellow at Papa Frita’s the night before. The woman hastily told Mac that the room was in use and he had to go, while the man quickly covered up the body they were working on. Mac appologize and quickly left. He wheeled Seabass to the next room and then came back “to appologize.” He was hastily shoed out the door, but not before he caught a glimpse ofthe body the other doctor was quickly trying to cover up. It appeared as though the upper chest cavity was full of not just organs, but also of gears and other bits of metal. Mac was also able to identify the girl as the one they had met in the parking garage the night prior. Mac appologized again and took his leave, asthe woman started to recall having seen Mac “somewhere.”

Mac and Seabass met up, and agreed to met up at the cars. Mac headed out, while Seabass decided to make one last attempt to get some more information. Seabass sidled up to the door to the lab and peaked in the small window in the door, only to find the woman peaking right back out. She burst out into the hallway and confronted Seabass while the blonde doctor once again covered up the body. The two had a very veiled exchange full of metaphores for the hunt. When Seabass mentioned that he was trying to “get the truth out”, the woman told him “maybe our interests aren’t as closely aligned as you think.” As Seabass was preparingto give up and leave, the hallway doors behind him opened, and a tall man with a cane stood there, asking if everything was alright. The woman said that Seabass was just leaving, and he did so.

Seabass returned to find Mac in his car, visibly shaken. The two headed back to Paddy’s to “debrief”. Mac planted afairly large kiss on Dee, then quickly downed several drinks and started ranting about sticking to the plan, and how they had failed that poor woman. One of the bar’s owners, Dennis, quicjkly came down to them, leaned in close, and quietly told them about keeping their business on the down low. They exchanged candle carrying metaphores, and Seabass agreed to quiet down. Seabass then received a phone call from his supervisor, who was very disapointed to find Seabass wasted. She told him to report the next morning at 8 and hung up.

The two parted ways, and had some separate meetings and adventures which are still secret from each other.

The cell reconvened the next afternoon at Papa Frita’s, ate and headed next door to Samedi’s Hat. Inside they found the best smelling occult shope/hookah lounge the two had ever encountered. Jake Irrelevante emerged from the back and introduced himself. Seabass made a candle metaphore and said that Alicia had ent him. Jake chuckled, and invited the two over to a hookah “since it was early.” The three intoduced themselves, and the cell related an abbreviated version of their explots over the past two days, leaving out the metal bits in the victim’s chest. The cell asked if Jake knew anything about a haunting at the parking garage. He said that it sounded vaguely familiar, but he’d need to check his records. The two thanked Jake, and Jake told them they were welcome any time, then the cell departed.

XP: 3



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