The Flickering Chronicles

Chemical Logic - Prologue

Setting the Stage

It is the end of January, 20X1. The past few months have seen some major events both public, and very private.

The year 20XX was not good to Philadelphia, with two high profile serial killer cases. From May to July, a killer known as The Calculator had the city in his grip, having murdered 8 known victims during his spree. At each crime scene, the killer had left a wall of strange (and some say, non-euclidian) mathamatical formulae, with no discernable pattern. His reign ended seemingly by chance when a shootout broke out in the basement of the West Bridge Hospital. Officially, the event was deemed a terrorist attack, but there are rumors amonsgt the city’s Vigilant that it was a cell of hunters who put the killer down.

From September untill late December, a group the media dubbed The Bible Beaters killed 25 individuals, with no publicized pattern. All of their victims were blugeoned to death with what were likely sledge hammers, and all the crime scenes where littered with scraps of paper from Bibles. The last known killing was on Sunday, December 19th, when the Beaters hit 6 victims at once. The murders then stopped, with no arrests. Though the media hype would last a few more weeks, with no fresh blood, public interest quickly waned after the new year.

Vigilant hunters would also be aware that on the morning of November 1, Laural View Cemetery, a very old, and no longr actively used cemetery, was found completely emptied of bodies, about a month after there were police reports of a large explosion originating from the cemetery. The story made the local news rounds the morning of November 1, but never gained much traction, and were quickly forgotten.

On the shadier side of the news, one Network Zero member, going by the alias ShockTreatment has been working dilligently in Philladelphia, having come to the city after the Laural View incident. He managed to provide a few images of empty graves that he claimed are from Laural View, but says “The G-Men have that place locked down tighter than Area 51, it’ll probably be a while before I can get more.”

ShockTreatment also claims to have met, and worked with one of the hunters responsible for taking down the Bible Beaters. According to ShockTreatment’s his source claims the Beaters were a cult who worshiped and took orders from an angel, and that they referred to themselves as The Holy Paladins of Saint George. The source also claims that the media don’t know about all the murders, and that some that have been publicized were just collateral damage. All told, there were 22 relevant ones, and the source’s cell stopped them right before the 23rd killing. Supposeldy this 23rd killing would have “unleashed hell on Earth”.

ShockTreatment’s most recent investigations have been into the citing of “ghost owls” around Philladelphia. A week ago, ShockTreatment posted a shaky video of some rocks floating in mid air, followed by what sounded like an explosion in the distance. The audio is then overwhelmed by owl hoots, before the camera rapidly looks up in time to see about a dozen sets of yellow eyes looking down from the tree canopy. What seems to be the camera’s light is activated, and all signs of owls, visual and audo, vanish. A Man’s voice is then heard saying “What are you doing here?” and the clip ends. The clip was posted with the comment “Ghost Owls messing with gravity, psychos in the park trying to blow up hookers, and it’s 10 damn degrees outside.”



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