The Flickering Chronicles

C&S - The Raging Climax

Walt and Dyana (Sophie had since departed to focus on her studies) got a tip from Hank that the FBI had some information on the Bible Beaters, and went ahead and set up a meeting for the cell.

Captain Chambers of VaSCU met with the cell and directed them to a former agent, Detective Franklin Kim. Following the loss of his cell to the Driver Kim went missing, and the FBI had reason to believe he continues his crusade against serial killers, albeit with less legal methods. The captain directed the cell to where they could find him, a horrible dilapidated neighborhood.

The cell investigated, homing in on a likely building. The place was condemned and boarded up, and booby trapped to boot. The cell managed to avoid a few traps, but managed to fall for one of the nastier ones. When the cell encountered Kim, there was a brief confrontation that was defused by the cell’s uncharacteristic honesty, and Kim’s overdeveloped sense of empathy.

Detective Franklin divulged that he had, in fact been killing killers for some time now, and that the Bible Beaters were his current quarry. Kim told them of a church he had seen them using, but had been unable to assault, for fear of their number advantage. The crew thanked Kim and asked that he help them find the Beaters, but Kim feared working with the Men in Black, knowing of their implanted tracking chips.

Oswaldt also made a brief appearance to inform the cell that the Beaters have a weakness to blessed gold, and that their ritual was nearing completion as the 23rd victim was next. Oswaldt speculated that it may need to be someone of demon’s blood. He offered no eplanation for having this knowledge. This lead the cell to knock off a few churches in search of just that. It was morally questionable, but Walter and Dyana had little other choice.

The cell investigated the church that Kim had directed them to, only to find an older priest named Fr. Alexander Graves. Walt had tagged a Beater earlier with the etheric tracker, and using that, Walt could clearly see this man had been tagged. The cell rapidly dispatched Fr. Graves in his own bedroom before he was able to mount any sort of meaningful defense. Just when the cell began to question the decision to flat out kill Graves, the largest of the Beaters smashed into the room to put up a rather protracted battle. While the cell started on the larg Beater, another Beater walked into the room while robing himself, leaving his face exposed. It was the face of Reno, onetime cell member, and disciple to the Malleus Mallificarum. Reno darted back out into the hall and Walt gave chase while Dy stayed to deal with the large one. Reno ambushed Walt and left him on the brink of death. Reno ran for the door and bolted across the parking lot while Walt was able to drag himself to the door and get a shot of the tracker into Reno. Meanwhile, Dy slugged it out with her over sized contender and eventually managed to overcome her foe and come to Walt’s aid.

Oswaldt appeared and offered to make the cell’s problems go away for basically nothing. The cell creeped off to lick their wounds (or rather drink them away). The cell awoke with messages from their respective leaders. Hank scolding Walt for burning down the church, which was deduced that Oswaldt did, while Arthas provided insight into the nature of the ritual being preformed. Arthas theorized the ceremony was some sort of unbinding, and that it would need to preformed at the site of the bound being. He also postulated that the ‘cult’ Sophie’s sister was caught up in may have been a group of hunters who had bound the being in the first place.

The cell set out to try to track Reno’s signal. They found that he had gone underground, and climbed down to consult with Sewer Billy. Billy Confirmed that the Beater had been through, but could offer no real direction on where he may gone, other than ‘through the Undercity’. The cell tried to follow his path through the labyrinthine tunnels, but were thwarted by a very lifelike gargoyle.

After nightfall, the cell decided to head for the parking garage, figuring that to be the site of the unbinding. Walt and Dy hid themselves in the garage in advance of the Beaters arriving, planning an ambush on the as yet-undetermined number of remaining Beaters.

The Beaters, three strong now, eventually came to the garage while dragging a bound Bonnie McCoy down with them. The cell rapidly dispatched two of the beaters in a brief scuffle, leaving Walter, Dyana, Reno, and Bonnie. From out of nowhere came the brown suited figure seen in garage several times before, but now his face was obscured. It was Oswaldt. His brown hair and suit changed into their blond and white counterparts before the cells eyes, provoking a reaction from the cell and Reno alike. After a flurry of questions, George Oliver Oswaldt Bartholomew Edward Richard revealed that he was merely assisting the little girl bound to the garage, and that all he stood to gain was enjoyment from the violence that had been precipitated on the way. The small crying girl, appeared from the shadows and began caressing Bonnie’s head, much to Mrs. McCoy’s terror. Oswaldt offered to let the cell join the Beaters, they could help Reno finish the ceremony, or just kill Reno and take his place. While the cell took an aside to contemplate their answer, Reno began dragging Bonnie toward her shackles on the wall.

This prompted the cell to lash out, and utterly destroy Reno. They each needed to swing their large crucifix only one, and Reno was finished. Once they looked around, they realized that Oswaldt was standing next to the shackled Bonnie, calmly awaiting the cell’s answer. When the cell tried to denounce the Beaters as monsters, Oswaldt inquired that what, in the grand scheme of things, made Walter and Dyana’s murders any better than those of the Beaters. The cell found themselves at a loss, but ultimately decided to free Bonnie and walk away. They were surprised when Oswaldt simply let them leave, acknowledging that they were sure to continue their killing, and that they were far more enjoyable alive. The small demon child was greatly dissapointed, but powerless to to do anything. The cell gave Bonnie a good dose of Munin serum, took her home, and decided that it was time for a vacation.



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