The Flickering Chronicles

Walter began November with a stern talking to from Hank. After the crypt explosion, the ghost-owls seemed to have made off with most, if not all, of the bodies in the cemetery, regardless of age. In light of this and the explosion, Hank took Walter off the case and put a cleaner crew on the job. Walter was officially removed from the case.

Jack and Walter decided to investigate the cordoned off cemetery anyway, as Jack was still under orders to investigate the werewolf presence. Law enforcement proved to be a small hassle, while an angry werewolf proved to be a large hassle. With a bit of luck, the cell was able to down the beast and escape further official notice.

Again, the details are hazy here. The cell had a brief, but barely civil meeting with one of the shape changers in Shy’s Kill, a sports bar by the Schuylkill river with suspected wolf ties. The bartender managed to work some sort of mind trick on Walter, causing him to confess one of his deepest secrets to a stranger.

After another investigation at Laural View Cemetery, the cell was ambushed by a small pack of large angry werewolves. Gabriel happened onto the scene of the attack, and saved the rest of the cell quite a bit of pain. The cell felled another beast, forcing the rest into a retreat. That night, Jack Malone decided that he would take his fate into his own hands, and lead the pack away from the cell, and more importantly, his family. Jack has not been heard from since.

After picking up Lucifuge member Dyana Daniels, most of the rest of November was spent in pursuit of the Bible Beaters. Unfortunately, the cell had a far better time tracking the beaters’ victims than the beaters themselves. The beaters seemed to be attacking members of a local school’s PTA Executive Board, and members of a local social club for doctors. Both of these organizations however, were fronts for wild sex parties. While in the public eye the Beaters seemed to be killing good, moral people, they were in reality exterminating groups of sexual deviants. Neither group seemed to delve very deep into depravity, but as targets for a group of religious fanatics, it was starting to make sense. A mysterious German man who referred to himself as Oswaldt appeared from nowhere suggesting the cell further investigate Dr Henry McCoy, then dissapeared and hasn’t been seen again.

Dr. McCoy was discovered to be a member of both groups, as well as a member of a local chapter of the United Way. The UW had a few victims from its roster killed by the Beaters, but not enough to discern a pattern from. Dr. McCoy was also discovered to attend strange sex parties at Forbidden Fruit, an S&M shoppe/club. The catch? These parties feature not just the all out wild orgy action of the smaller clubs, but also spectating violent matches between seemingly manufactured monsters.

By the end of the month, the cell had been lead to a meeting with the Bible Beaters in the basement of a dilapidated parking garage. The meeting was a trap, and the cell just barely survived the encounter. The same could not be said of Walter’s car, however. This encounter did give the cell a lead on the Beaters however, and December would start with a renewed sense of urgency as the Bible Beaters’ death toll climbed ever higher.



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