The Flickering Chronicles

C&S Chapter 3

Who knows what evil lurks in the clubs of men?

Chapter 3


Participating: Kohen, Malone

The cell decided to try the legal means of obtaining the club’s cooperation. The manager, Denise, was less than helpfull, suggesting that the two would be far better off with a warrant. The two were escorted out. Denise did take down Malone’s personal information and Kohen’s badge information before they departed.

After much deliberation, the cell decided to forcibly enter Torment from the rear. Jack paid a local youth to remove the camera watching the back door. Before the pair could make it to the door, a call from Jack’s wife indicating that the power and phone had been cut off. This stirred the cell to rapidly head toward Malone’s house and advise an evacuation by the family. The pair found two shut off notices, and nothing else. Jack took steps to get his power and phone turned back on with little hassle.

The two decided immediate shakedown was necessary. After a brief verbal exchange with the bouncer watching the back door in lieu of a camera, the pair pounced on the unwitting guard. There was a short but viscous fight resulting in the large bouncer being knocked out. The two made their way into the club, only to be assaulted by two more bouncers, which the cell subdued readily.

The cell ducked into Denise’s office planning to jump her upon her eventual return. Unfortunately, on of the bouncers had gone into shock with no treatment, thus necessitating medical and police intervention.

Denise did eventually make it to her office, coincidentally with a police officer. The officer called for help, despite the pair seemingly cooperating at this point. Malone was already in handcuffs when Walter popped a smoke grenade and dove for the hallway. Jack followed, and a rather frantic chase ensued. The cell managed to escape with very little further collateral damage. Now the cell’s future remains uncertain at best.

XP: 3



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